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Feb 27, 2012 09:46 PM

Ideas for a Brown Bag Breakfast

I'd appreciate it if I could pick your brains for a moment.

Later this week I'm doing a sleep test, and if they don't find anything remarkable, I'll be held over for a daytime sleep test. Instructions from the clinic say I need to pack breakfast, lunch and snacks to hold me until 4pm, and that I must eat a filling breakfast and lunch so that hunger doesn't skew the results.

Lunch and snacks, no problem. Got those covered with a sandwich I'll make on site plus cheese and crackers. But breakfast? I've never packed a breakfast before, so that's got me a bit stumped. I could just do Cheerios, blueberries and milk, but don't think that'll hold me while I sit there bored all morning.

No deliveries or running out for to-go items are allowed, whatever I eat has to be brought in the night before (has to do with them doing a drug screen upon check-in, and if they allowed visitors or patients to leave during the tests, it could compromise the protocols). Cooking facilities are limited to their fridge and microwave.

The pamphlet I was given suggested bringing in one of those frozen breakfast entrees, but I think I'd rather starve than eat micro'd scrambled eggs. I pretty much enjoy all of the standard breakfast items. French toast came to mind, it's easy to prepare and pack into a container, but would probably end up dry and unappetizing once it's reheated.

What do you think? Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. can you buy/make a breakfast quiche? easy enough to nuke.... or eat at room temp.
    or you could just pack some laughing cow, some crackers, a hard-boiled egg, banana, yogurt...

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      Oh, quiche might be a good idea. I wonder if I could get away with making an individual one in one of my Corningware Grab-It dishes.

      I'm going to be bringing an orange and grapefruit cut into supremes with some red grapes, so quiche could go well with that.

      1. re: RelishPDX

        I bet quiche would work perfectly in a Grab-It dish. I make mini-quiche all the time in ramekins and muffin tins and love to eat them cold (or room temp) for breakfast.

        The other thing that comes to mind is a breakfast burrito-type thing. When I was going to school I used to get these wraps from a coffee shop near campus. They called them "burritos" but they were actually more like frittatas in a tortilla. Chunks of vegetables -- potato, sweet potato, onion, asparagus, peppers -- held together by egg and cheese and wrapped up in a flour tortilla. They were always pre-made and surprisingly good at room temperature. I'm not sure how they kept them from getting soggy, but you could bring the frittata portion in a container, heat up the tortilla in the microwave and assemble when you're ready to eat it.

    2. You could make a breakfast tortilla with egg, cheese, ham or bacon and wrap it in foil. You could always take already cooked oatmeal that only needs warming in the micro. Yogurt would be easy and require no effort.

      You can also forget traditional breakfast foods and just take meat, potatoes, fried rice, etc.

      1. If you're not wedded to a sweet breakfast, and it's not too similar to your lunch, a bagel with plenty of smoked salmon and creme fraiche keeps me going till lunchtime.

        I also like full-fat cottage cheese or strained yoghurt with freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of honey. (Actually I like full-fat cottage cheese or strained yoghurt with chaat masala and bhel puri, turning it into a savoury cereal, but then I'm not a fan of the sweet breakfast).

        1. Yogurt, fruit, nuts, bagel, cheese....
          or a frozen dinner.
          Breakfast is just what one eats after breaking a fast...

          1. Are you near a Trader Joe's? They make a really good frozen oatmeal single serving that you microwave and a better than nothing in a pinch frozen individual quiche that is also a microwave serving.. I don't think either one would suffer if slightly defrosted overnight but maybe their fridge has freezer room.