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Feb 27, 2012 07:45 PM

Caul Fat in Dallas ??

Old subject but still no real answer !! Hirsches in Plano was no help a year ago , let's start over

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  1. How about Rudolph's or, Kuby's?

      1. Look up meat purveyors in Dallas. I used to get Caul Fat to make my terrines with. I would buy a few pounds and freeze the rest for later use. It was not hard to get.

        1. SOLVED !! The Quest for Caul Fat in Dallas : Kudos to IRODGUY for suggesting Matador Meat Co. I Talked to Matt at the Shop today , who didn't know much about Caul Fat,doesn't carry it,never used it or stocked it.......But can and will get it for me !! And it is close to my Office , so I'll be going by the shop on Monday to pick up a couple of pounds , which I suspect will last me a LONG time, although I have no idea how far a pound will go.....I talked to both Owners who are Super Nice folks and I highly recommend the place which is on Preston , South of 121 near Frisco