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Feb 27, 2012 07:40 PM

Inexpensive wedding venues


i am looking for some ideas on a decent but inexpensive wedding venue in Toronto. My budget for the venue (food and drinks) is $9-$10k. And I am looking for a sit-down dinner for around 120.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.


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  1. At your budget I would try your neighbourhood Legion. I am not being sarcastic, just realistic. You would be suprised at how much fun you could have at the Legion!

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    1. re: cinderelladressmaker

      True, cinderelladressmaker, some of the most fun and memorable weddings I've ever been to have been at the Legion.

      1. re: foodiemommy

        I couldn't agree more. I went to a wedding in a community hall in Stoufville a couple of years ago. It was fantastic! Unless you are on 'Four Weddings Canada' or simply want to impress, who cares! Your true friends should want you to be happy and save money. The attention shouldn't be on the venue, it should be on the couple, the conversations, the new people you meet and the memorable time. Besides I always hear complaints about large banquet hall food. Good luck Lolina!

      2. re: cinderelladressmaker

        I think there's one at the Lakeshore that will do weddings...I've heard of a few nice ones taking place there.

        1. re: MeMeMe

          I went to a wedding at that Legion and it was fantastic!

      3. At that price point you may have to perhaps either cut your guest list a bit or change the time to lunch? Or perhaps not do a sit-down dinner but do food stations instead?
        A very close friend had a very nice wedding at the Estates of Sunnybrook a little while back during lunch and from what I remember it was about that much (maybe slightly more because some guests drank more alcohol than expected for lunchtime).
        It was a beautiful day and their first dance was outside on the little patio.
        From what I remember the guest list was probably around 100 or 110, but they were at maximum capacity for the venue.
        The food was very good and it was much more reasonably priced to hold it at lunch than at dinner.

        1. If you want something other than the Legion Hall idea, with your budget you should look at taking over a reasonably priced restaurant to avoid having your limited budget go to rental costs, i.e. the venue rental, plus all the other rentals (linens, flatware, plates, etc.). $85 per person isn't a lot of money, but working with a favorite local restaurant, it could probably be done ... think pasta and a well-chosen plonk ...

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          1. re: CocoTO

            I think this is a very good approach. For the right resto a buyout of 10K is a good Sat night. The challenge will be finding a place large enough to host a group of 100+.

            1. re: JennaBean

              Thank you all. There some good ideas. The guest list would probably shrink to 100-110 people and I am thinking to have an off season reception, which will give some bargaining power..... I have found this one place called Colombus Event Center and they offer $84/ppl (incl. taxes) with a sit down dinner and a great menu.

              Has any one heard anything about wedding held here?

              thank you again.