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Feb 27, 2012 07:15 PM

Early Saturday Breakfast + Food to eat in car

Please help me kick off a 10 hours road trip from SF to San Diego the right way and powered by tasty food. :)

The plan is to leave SF by 8:30AM on Saturday morning so that we will arrive SD at a somewhat decent time. Preferably we can stop once to grab breakfast and some sandwich, wraps etc (or any chow worthy handy food) as lunch while we cruise down the I-5.

Angelina's Catering is my backup plan as it is right in my neigborhood. Would like to try something different.

Tartine Bakery also comes to mind which opens at 8am but concerns of the long line.


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  1. Thorough opens at 7 or 8 and has wonderful bread and pastries. If there's a line, it will be short at that hour.

    The purple baguettes, chocolate bread, and almond croissants are all great.

    Thorough Bread and Pastry
    248 Church Street, San Francisco, CA

    1. Dynamo Doughnuts! Sugar sugar sugar! It opens at 7AM on Saturday.

      1. My choice for a good "get on the road" breakfast is farm:table. They open at 8:00 on Saturday.

        1. John Campbell's Irish Bakery opens at 7 am for an early start on your Road Trip -

          here's the address

          another breakfast sandwich at Lou's Cafe

          From 2004:
          Rest stops to stretch your legs... other than Harris Ranch and Andersen's for pea soup.

          snacks/gorp/trail mix/dried fruit/fresh fruit/drinks/cheese/crackers
          Nduja at

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          1. re: Cynsa

            I highly recommend a Belfast Bap from John Campbell's. Along with the brown bread and berry scones.

            1. re: Windy

              o goodness... I never go beyond the raisin scone and curry pastie at John Campbells. will definitely give Belfast Bap a try. I can foresee that my car would still be loaded with bakery goodies and munchies when I reach san diego. Actually, with all the suggestions, I probably need to do a *dry run* this weekend.

              Cynsa, thanks for the rest stops suggestion. I had not thought of that at all.

              1. re: maoliu

                Their corned beef is delicious too, but not sure it's out that early in the morning.

                1. re: Windy

                  I ended up going to John Campbell and got the sausage roll for breakfast, Belfast Bap for lunch and scones as gift for my friends in LA and SD.

                  Silly me thought that Belfast Bap would be in decent room temperature after baking inside the car for 4 hours of driving and turned down the offer to heat up. It turned out to be the fatal mistake as it is too greasy to eat it cold