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Feb 27, 2012 07:01 PM

ISO organic grapes...hopeless this time of year?

Kids keep begging for grapes this time of year..being it is on the dirty dozen for pesticides, I am desperate for organic grapes.
Love to know if they exist this time of year.
Muchos gracias,

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  1. I'm frustrated too. Summerhill Market, Wholefoods, Loblaws---nada. I bought some at SM because they said they were US-grown which I've read means not so many pesticides. But I'd really prefer organic!

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    1. There were green and red organic grapes at the Big Carrot today, but they were EXPENSIVE! $7/lb or so..

      1. Found some nice (and yes, expensive) ones at Loblaws last weekend (the St Clair/Bathurst one). $7/lb but good.

        1. Got some really nice ones at Summerhill Market on Sunday.