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Feb 27, 2012 06:47 PM

Best of the BEST in Tampa???

Need suggestions for really GREAT food creatively using fresh local ingredients.

I've culled this from many posts and would love your advice in narrowing down for only 3 nights.


?Kitchen Bar - chef, Jeannie Pieriola
Osteria Natalia
Pane Rustica
Café Ponte – Cleaqrwater
*Mise en Place
*Seasons 52
Ted Peters

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  1. Mise en Place was somewhat over-rated. Hard to find in the dark! And then quite dark inside--not what I had hoped. Food was good but not Michelin star quality by any means. Generous portion on the calamari appetizer, which was appreciated. Had a better meal for the price at a tiny

    Vietnamese place recommended here!

    1. i've loved osteria every time i've visited. the menu doesn't do justice. just ask the owner what the specials are. the husband and wife team are charming.

      Pane Rustica is great, and you might consider doing lunch there to free up a dinner, tho its not the same. get some bread and treats to go. Ted Peter's is another lunch option, i think, get smoked mullet and/or dip. the other smoked fish are good, too, but mullet is so very Florida.

      I'll leave more knowledgeable hounds to chime in, but Sidebern's is probably a must.