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Feb 27, 2012 06:45 PM

What's your favorite bedtime snack?

I love an English muffin before bedtime, sometimes 1/2 with butter and 1/2 with jam, alternating bites -- cutting the sweet with the fatty -- and sometimes with all peanut butter, washed down with a milky cup of tea.

What's your sleepytime treat?

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    1. Herbal tea and a few squares of good dark chocolate.

      1. lately? peanut butter and nutella, straight from their respective jars. sometimes biscoff spread too.

        other times, cereal and milk; sardines or tuna on crackers; almond-stuffed olives from the jar; leftovers; chips; and ice cream. i go through phases for late night cravings. i was re-reading quinoa recipes today and might make a batch which will invariably turn into lunch and midnight snacks for a week.

        1. Banana and warm milk, or if I'm not feeling infantile, toast and juice. Which......actually, now that I think of it, anything, "and juice" also sounds a little infantile.

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          1. I like to occasionally nibble on my wife.

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