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Feb 27, 2012 06:44 PM

looking for vegan-friendly restaurant near Huntington Library in San Marino

Looking for casual vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant in San Marino to celebrate an anniversary. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Never been to either, by there's My Vegan and Charm -- both in nearby Pasadena.

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      I was just at My Vegan yesterday. Casual Thai vegan restaurant ,but they dabble in pancake breakfasts with tofu scramble, some Chinese looking dishes. They have a really great looking "vegan slam" that I will have to try next time. I like that brown rice is the standard option on the combo plates. Mango with sticky rice is in season (I think it was $7). The mangoes yesterday looked beautiful, but I was too full to try.

      1. Daisy MInt is not that far from the Huntington, and if you are willing to look the other way for fish sauce, a fab veggie choice.

        1. If Chinese food is an option, you could head a bit east to Arcadia and go to Bean Sprouts, or Supeme Vege Cuisine. Not too bad a drive from that area. Din Tai Fung also has some vegan options, though you can't eat their main specialties.

          1. Orean's - not really a place to sit down and eat but definitely a unique place to try. It's an all veggie drive thru/fast food type place.

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              Thanks very much for all the answers. Any non-Asian sit down places out there?

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                In Pasadena, Tender Greens has a few vegan menu options (and usually at least one vegan dessert). And the marinara pizza at Settebello is good.

                Real Food Daily and an Urth Cafe are both opening in Pasadena, but not open yet.

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                  Thank you, will47. I'm not familiar with Tender Greens. I've heard good things about Real Food Daily. Any idea when they will be opening. Urth is an unknown for me.

                  1. re: annetti

                    > I've heard good things about Real Food Daily. Any idea when they will be opening.

                    Not until May:


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                      Tender Greens is a local chain. They do a "meatless Mondays" (which is not meatless, but they do have more vegetarian options on Monday). Their main vegan entree choice is the "Happy Vegan", a plate of 4 different salads (a farro, hazelnut and dried cherry salad, a green hummus, a tabouli type salad, and a quinoa and golden beet salad), served along with a green salad. They have a roasted tomato soup which is vegan, and sometimes one or more of the daily soup specials is vegan (not labeled, but you can ask). There are also grilled vegetables, available as sides, or as a plate combined with a salad. They can also be served on a sandwich, but not sure if the sandwich can be made vegan or not. Usually there is a brownie or cupcake that's labeled as vegan.

                      There are menus online:

                      There's also Lemonade, another local chain with some good vegan options (you get salads and what not from a bar, and then sit down). However, unlike the ones on the west side, I don't think the Pasadena branch labels its vegan options, which can be kind of a pain, and there aren't usually any hot vegan options (braises, soups, sandwiches) there.

                      Urth is mostly a casual cafe (coffee / tea spot), but they have some vegan desserts, and maybe some vegan menu items.

                      RFD is supposed to open in May.

                      I'm really happy that some more of these establishments are opening in Pasadena.

                      Honestly, Pasadena and San Marino are not great areas for vegan food, and as you've seen from the other posts in this thread, most of the good options around are Asian or Asian influenced.

                      1. re: annetti

                        I always feel a little peeve-y toward Tender Greens as they do not have a vegetarian protein source. I've asked them about this before and they report that they believe people will not order it. I don't think they're right. I believe if they got a good grilled tofu or tempeh going to add to all of that green stuff, they would be a very solid choice for vegetarians. Right now they're a sucky carb-carb-carb-greens choice for vegetarians. Also, I don't think their food is terrific. I get why non-veg's go there ... you can eat fairly healthfully, although I honestly don't get why it's hugely popular. For veg's, I say it's a no-go.

                        1. re: hungryveggie

                          The "Happy Vegan" is a bit expensive for what you get, compared to the meat plates, but I think they give you a good array of vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts which equals a pretty well balanced and healthy meal, which is also a little more appealing than 'throw a slab of tofu on the grill'. The grilled veggie things can be prepared vegan too, I think, and they often have vegan soups, as well as some extra vegan options on "Meatless Mondays" (which, despite the name, are not "meatless"). Not all the locations are as good about others at labeling vegetarian and vegan options (this is my gripe about the Pasadena Tender Greens, as well as the Pasadena branch of Lemonade).

                          I agree it would be nice if they also had more vegan entree options, maybe including an option to do grilled tofu or tempeh with one of the salads, but if people are picky about being grilled on a separate grill, it might be a logistical nightmare for them.

                          1. re: hungryveggie

                            Tender Greens is also ridiculously expensive for the portion sizes and for the fact that it's basically counter-ordered fast food you pick up yourself. My husband and I went to the Pasadena location and dropped more than $45 for two glasses of wine, two very meager mains and 1 micro-dessert. Awful service, too. Seconding the no-go.

                            1. re: soyarra

                              thanks, soyarra. We've crossed it off our list.

                      2. re: jenry

                        Oreans: not so trustworthy in terms of vegan food, though definitely an institution.