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Feb 27, 2012 06:40 PM

Best of the BEST in South Beach NOW???

Other than Joe's Stone Crab that everyone seems to recommend, what are the best choices for great food using fresh local ingredients. Seems like a lot of Italian on many of the posts. Which are the best of Osteria del Teatro, Macaluso’s, Escopazzo, Grazie Italian Cuisine? We went to Casa Tua last year and liked it.

We're coming for 3 days from New York so we'd prefer to do Italian only one night and get some other Florida experiences.

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  1. If I was going to South Beach for 3 days from New York I would go to Pubbelly, Joe's, and Sardinia for dinner.  Prime 112 doesn't get much love on this board, but it is still one of my favorite restaurants and worth considering. I don't love Yardbird and wouldn't waste one of my 3 dinners on it, but would probably go for brunch or lunch.

    1. I would do Osteria of that bunch - but if you want a nyc red sauce type place then macalusos (not sure why you would want to do that though). You might also want to try the Hogfish at alta mare. Right now that is my favorite fish dish on the beach and you would be pretty hard pressed to find as good in nyc. Sardinia is also a good choice for italian btw. I would not do prime 112. You can also go to any one of the pubbellies, yardbird or even the tudor house.

      That all being said if you want to narrow down, assuming you are dead set on italian on one day, I would do Joes and Alta Mare on the other days.

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        Thanks tpigeon! And I am NOT dead set on doing Italian at all and definitely do not want a NYC red sauce joint! It just seemed that other than Joe's, Italian restaurants kept popping up on the posts here. Would love to find a chef doing new American with a Florida twist if that exists

        1. re: nyperr

          For what you're describing the place that probably best fits the description is 1500° in the Eden Roc (which is really Mid-Beach not South Beach) or Altamare (which has a local seafood focus).

      2. if i was coming from NYC to miami, i would probably skip italian altogether, and try to make the trip into downtown for a michelle b. joint or Michaels genuine. but since one of our best italian places is scarpetta, and youve got that anyways, id do something more uniquely miami