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Dec 30, 2001 01:30 AM

Best Burgers and Fresh Fries in San Diego?

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I am looking for only freshly made french fries not frozen and the best burgers in town. I liked Hodad's burgers but the fries were not fresh. In and Out's fries have improved but still not great. I make great fries at home but sometimes like to go somewhere and get a great burger and fries. I have had Nessie's Burgers up in Fallbrook and the burger was pretty good but the fries kinda poor.

The Potato Shack was not bad I may give it another try.

Where to go?

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    David Naimark

    I like the burger and fries at the diner on the runway at Palomar Airport. I don't know if the fries are fresh or frozen but they sure taste good.

    Mussels and french fries are good at Royale Brasserie downtown. Definitely fresh fries, but no burgers.

    If you're in the San Fernando Valley, try Le Petit Bistro for my all time favorite fries, also no burgers but if you like lambchops or merguez, you'll be quite happy.

    1. Mr Buddha - You're going to laugh at this....

      Our favorite fries are from a place called Mr Peabody's on Friars Rd. The corner of Friars and Via Las Cumbres. Their Burgers are not too bad least now ther're better, used to put them on one of those King's Hawaiian being from Hii and all I found a burger on a sweet roll kind of disgusting! I did notice that the fries on my last visit was not as good - I'm hoping it was just a glitch. Peabody's is sort of the neighborhood hang-out for USD students and such. All draught beers....

      Our favorite burger is Fatburger - King Fatburger on "the char" no mayo, no relish......with mustard.

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      1. re: KirkK

        Went to Shakespeare Pub again which is right near Saffron on the corner. Had a ver good burger and the fries were pretty good, a little crisper than the last time. They make fresh fries cut about 1/2 inch thick and the burger had some micro greens. Burger was only 4.25 and 2 bucks extra for the fries. Good deal.

        1. re: buddha

          Sorry to Buddha Jeff, but this is actually a suggestion about a previous post - you were looking for good tacos in South County. There was a small authentic eatery next to the laundromat in the Chula Vista Target parking lot (the one near the Walmart off of 54) that had terrific asada and carnitas. Don't know if it is still there, but it was pretty busy a while back. Good luck and let us know if you have found any good tacos in the South county.

          1. re: Doc

            Tacos El Gordo has good tacos. Also I found a new mexican seafood place that serves very good fish tacos, ceviche, etc. It is on Bonita Road as you are going East on the right hand side just before the McDonald's in the little shopping area next to a pool place, chiropractor, etc.

          2. re: KirkK

            I was ther for lunch last week, and unfortunatley the service was so bad at Peabodies that I will not return.

          3. Chief's Burgers and Brew on Lomas Santa Fe, in the strip mall behind the train station has excellent burgers and fries. Nice people too.

            1. Hands down the best burgers and fries in San Diego is located in Pacific Beach. The place is called Rocky's Crown Pub at 3786 Ingraham St. They have the freshest juciest burgers I've ever had. The fries are good but you gotta go for the burger. It has a pub atmosphere and fun beach crowd. Great hamburger side fixins as well.

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              1. re: lpeck

                Rockys is great burgers, but recently - I went to Western Steak Burger on University Ave in North Park, and I think Rocky's might have some good compition.
                as for Hodads mentioned below - it's unpredictable and more expensive, I'd rather go over the creek to Rockys Anytime.

                1. re: SRosie

                  I like Hodad's burgers.. but I went recently and something was missing. There was a long line out the door, must have been holiday tourists. One of the things they do is use fresh ingredients, and generous amounts on the burgers. But this time there was no lettuce.. They were "out"... so unpredictable is right.

                  1. re: Sandy Eggo

                    I do have to say they have excellent milkshakes

                2. re: lpeck

                  I finally made it to Rocky's today, after reading about it innumerable times here on CH. I would have to disagree that it's San Diego's best, but it is very good. I do think it beats Hodad's, for a few reasons:

                  1, it's not dominated by the toppings. The giant lettuce, tomato, and onion on Hodad's burgers make them nearly impossible to eat normally.

                  2, the burger comes out very juicy. Hodad's burgers can be a little dry.

                  3, because there isn't a ridiculous amount of garnish and sauce, there's more meat flavor.

                  4, the charred crust on the meat adds a nice flavor and contrast to the juicy middle.

                  All in all, Rocky's does make an excellent burger. That said, I still think the absolute best burger I've had in San Diego is from Cafe 910 in La Jolla.

                  My list of best San Diego burgers would be:

                  1. Cafe 910
                  2. George's at the Cove
                  3. Sammy's
                  4. Rocky's
                  5. Phil's BBQ
                  6. Liars' Club
                  7. The Linkery
                  8. Crest Cafe
                  9. Hodad's

                  Sammy's might surprise some, but their Kobe beef sliders are incredible. Juicy and dressed with a spicy chipotle aioli (which I'd guess they stole from Liars' Club). I'm betting they're the same as what's served at Fresh considering that Fresh used to be owned by Ladeki.

                  Phil's BBQ makes a great burger that most people I know haven't eaten because they get other items. They grind their own chuck, cook it medium rare, and top it with an onion ring.

                3. Can't believe nobody has mentioned Hodad's in Ocean Beach yet!

                  I've been to Rocky's, I've been to the place in Solana Beach, and Hodad's has the greatest burgers in San Diego. As far as fries? I don't really have an opinion - no matter where I go I don't eat many of them. When you have a great, big burger the fries are an afterthought. But Hodad's, if I remember correctly, has small-size wedges with peels on.

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                  1. re: Chris

                    My God... all of these posts and only one mention of - not just San Diego's - but the world's best burger. You will most certainly find it at Hodad's in O.B. I've been to most of the places mentioned - far too many times according to my bathroom scale - but the rest of these places are merely pretenders to the crown. The Hodad's Bacon and Cheese is the very pinnacle of all things burger. Tall, thick, sinfully dripping and succulently delicious, nothing else comes close. Hodad's serves'em wrapped on one side: keep it that way otherwise all of that perfection comes spilling out all over the basket and you want to get every drop. I knew a vegan who went back to meat after tasting one... I'm not kidding! Great atmosphere too in bohemian Ocean Beach where you'll be dining with everyone from judges to local street urchins. The crew is like family and they treat everyone like they're family too. The fries they could do better... but who cares?

                    Danny's Palm Cafe in Coronado also serves a terrific burger called a Slamburger. It's very good and Danny's certainly has its fans, but it's no Hodad's.

                    Hodad's also has great giant shakes and beer... and yes, I've had them simultaneously. Surprisingly not bad... after you've had a few.

                    1. re: willinsd

                      As long as you don't "get the shakes" after the beer.