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Feb 27, 2012 06:30 PM

Decent Sourdough Bread in DF?

I am on the hunt for sourdough bread. Real, tangy, old-fashioned sourdough.

The only one i have found so far is Enrique Olvera's (of Pujol) store, Eno, on Explanada in Lomas de Chapultepec. They have a round sourdough, and it's just ok - not nearly tangy enough for me.

Plus, if I am not already in that area, it's a pain in the @$$ to get to.

So, has anyone discovered a bakery that has yummy sourdough? If it's located in Condesa, Nápoles or Roma, so much the better.

Thank you!!

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  1. I seem to recall having some nice sourdough at Bistrot Mosaico, specifically the one on Michoacán in Condesa, but I don't remember how tart it was. I assume they sell whole loaves at the deli counter.

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    1. re: Soul Vole

      Retraction. It was over a year ago that I went to Bistrot Mosaico. Last night para comprobar I went back and it was a big disappointment. Before they offered a selection of breads. This time just a basket of basic sliced bread, all very dry around the crust. The meal was an equal let-down. I'm sure the bread is better earlier in the day but based on that experience I'd have to say never mind.

    2. We enjoyed the sourdough boules (called "Pan Campesino", IIRC.) from Rosetta, Calle Colima, Colonia Roma Norte.
      You can get a taste of it, without having to buy an entire loaf at Cafe Toscano, Roma Norte, corner of Plaza Río de Janeiro and Orizaba.

      Display of breads outside of Rosetta:

      I just recalled having some very good bread at Le Pain Quotidien, I think on Avenida Amsterdam # 309 in Condesa. In fact, when we had breakfast there, I had a basket of assorted breads with butter and marmalade.
      But overall, I'd give the edge to Rosetta.

      1. You might try at Panadería La Artesa, at the corner of Alfonso Reyes and Saltillo. Bread is good, but I'm not sure whether they bake sourdough or not.


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          Hi Cristina - I have checked La Artesa and they didn't have any - at least on that day.

          I will check out Rosetta this weekend, Anonimo, thx.

          Thanks for the advice!

          Sigh - it may be time to start my own sourdough starter. I would, if I wasn't such a terrible baker!

          1. re: JulietInDF

            Here's a long shot:
            This chain has several stores in Puebla and one or more in Oaxaca.
            We had some of their bread while in Oaxaca. I think Rosetta's is better, but Hackl's is o.k.

            Just picked up this, from their list of tiendas:
            Hackl Panaderos artesanos CONDESA DF
            Calle Atlixco No. 100 / esquina Michoacan

            You'll soon have a lot of choices.