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Feb 27, 2012 06:18 PM

Where can I find beef bung or other natural sausage casings in Toronto?

After curing and flavouring some pork shoulders for some capocollo/coppa I realized that the natural beef casings I bought at Highland Farms are far too small. If anyone can lead me to some larger natural casings it would be greatly appreciated. I am located in South Etobicoke but am willing to travel.


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  1. Try Brandt or European Meats on Jutland.

    1. Can you wrap the meat in pork caul? I have seen that at HF, so it may be in the back room.

      1. Try calling The Healthy Butcher. They don't keep casings out but they usually have casings in the back. I've never looked for beef bung so can't comment on that specifically.


        1. Just saw a few types of casings at Concord Food Centre by Dufferin and Hwy 7.

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            Thanks for the replies. I went to Brandt but they were closed on Tuesdays. I found what appeared to be a Portuguese or Spanish supermarket with a pretty good meat section. I cant remember the name, but they were West of Dixie on the south side of Dundas. They offered three different sizes of natural casings.

            1. re: AaronOO

              It wouldn't surprise me is Starky's, in that same area also had them.