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Feb 27, 2012 06:12 PM

Upcoming Portland Visit Restaurant Help

My family and I will be visiting Portland shortly, for a 3 night stay downtown at the Westin without a car. On a previous trip we ate at Huber's, Mother's Bistro and the Samurai food truck on SW Alder, all of which we enjoyed.

This time I'm considering the following:
-Southpark Seafood Grill or Dan & Louis Oyster Bar
-Mama Mia Trattoria or Ristorante Roma
-The Roxy or Fuller's Coffee Shop
-Masu Sushi
-Jake's Grill

Any thoughts on these places? How are they in terms of food quality and price? I'd appreciate your comments if you have tried any of these restaurants. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Roxy is an overpriced gay hipster greasy spoon. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
    Jake's is for tourists and business people on an expense account.
    Mama Mia is forgettable.
    Masu is good, I would recommend.
    (A little hint to help you blend in: we call them food carts. No matter what they resemble. Not food trucks. Or maybe that's just I.

    Great carts near you: Tabor, Give Pizza a Chance, Noodle House, Mai Pho.

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      Thanks Leonardo. I knew it was food carts, but trucks were the only thing I could think of when I posted. Have any favorite Italian or steak recommendations downtown? A greasy spoon is exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned the Roxy or Fuller's. Gotta start the day off with a wholesome breakfast!

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        Basta's Trattoria, take the #20 bus up Burnside, a five minute ride. Or the #17. Well worth the trip!

    2. I'd sub Veritable Quandary in for Jake's Grill myself.

      1. I'll check out Basta's Trattoria and Veritable Quandry (what a name by the way, who thought of that for a restaurant). Thanks.

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          Another place I thought of that's very close to the Westin is Brasserie Montmartre. I've not been there for a few years, but on my last visit we tried their Duck Fat Frites which were heavenly.