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Feb 27, 2012 05:57 PM

Need recommendations for family-friendly but good steakhouse for special birthday

Hi Chowhounds - my family and I relocated to SD almost four years ago from NYC. My husband is going to turn 40 in a few months and I wanted to take him out for that special occasion, but I know he will want to go with our young children (1 and 4). So this is what the criteria is:

1. Good steaks
2. Please have creamed spinach as a side dish option
3. Good place for kids, i.e. kids' menu and high chairs - we went to Donovan's once and while they were very nice, it was obviously not good for kids.
4. Can accommodate a good-sized group (possibly 8 adults, 7 kids)

We don't get out much, so your feedback is hugely appreciated.

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  1. I'm going to say reserve the "back room" of Cowboy Star, but I would call ahead about the creamed spinach. Since you'd have to reserve the back room I'm pretty sure they can make some creamed spinach for you

    1. Pretty tall order due to the kids. I'll second Cowboy Star, whose steaks are NYC diner-worthy. They do have a back room that should work, but 7 kids wouldn't work in the main dining room.

      If you are nearer North County than Downtown, you might consider Red Tracton's across from the racetrack. They are old school, a bit retro, and have some dining areas that are set apart from the main restuarant and would be semi-private and ok for kids.

      Creamed spinach would have to be a special request at both places and may or may not be accomodated. They have creamed spinach at the Palm and Morton's; but you're probably not posting here to get rec's to chain joints like those.

      1. You might want to give Eddie V's in La Jolla a call. They have several spaces that can closed off. When I ate there, there was a couple of large groups celebrating birthdays and one group had several children. They have spinach but it was sauteed with parm cheese but wasn't creamed.

        1. Ruth's Chris. Filet mignon,