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Feb 27, 2012 05:56 PM

HILTON HEAD - ANY current recs?

So we will be arriving on Hilton Head on the Friday of the FOOD & WINE week - but are NOT there for that - - just kharma

We would like to see if any HHI Chowhounds are still out there as the HHI threads are pretty old.

Looking for casual dinners - love seafood

Need a place for Sunday Brunch (for 6)

There will be 4 of us first couple of days
and then 6 of us on Monday nite for dinner

None of us want to get all dressed up - but more business casual for dinner and brunch

We will be staying at the Disney Resort if that helps guide us

Hope to get some info!

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  1. I've lived on HHI for over thirty years and have seen a few changes in the food scene. You should know that formal dress is never the norm anywhere on the island.

    My brunch selection would be the Boathouse on Skull Creek. Big and boistrous. Parking is sometimes tight. (Squire Pope Road, northend.)

    You can almost walk from Disney to Bistro 17 in Shelter Cove. Sit outside and look at the boats in the harbor. I like this place.

    For excellent wood fired thin crust pizza go to Il Carpaccio. Also really good Northern Italian and not terribly expensive. (Pineland Station, north end.)

    Another fine Italian place is Mulberry Street Trattoria. They now have a salumi, pasta, cheese, etc. store next door. Worth the trip. (After leaving the island, take the first left after the Moss Creek traffic light. Its right there.)

    Wise Guys will reopen probably next week after expansion taking its "small bites, big drinks" bar and tapas theme to a full scale restaurant. Can't wait to see it. (Near Main Street, north end.)

    BTW, Frankie Bones is next door to Wise Guys, run by the same group.

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    1. re: DaleJ

      Thanks DaleJ

      These recs are exactly what I hoped my fellow CH's would offer up!
      I thought it was odd that with all the tourists that must go there - that the HHI threads were so dated...maybe not a big foodie scene there or something....

      Anyway - thanks again

      1. re: few

        The original thread post may be old, but there are lots of updated recs on HH threads. Don't discount a thread just because the original poster posted it years ago. That's why CH never deletes old posts. Us CHers continue to add updated info to those old posts.

        Enjoy your time in HHI.

    2. we live in hilton head and there are surprisingly good restaurants here. casual dinners at boathouse are ok, up the creek is a good place for a beer and burger, but i find the upscale dining much better. michael anthony's, sage room and redfish are as good as any restos anywhere. sunrise cafe in palmetto bay marina is the best b'fast, imho. there is no place that requires dressing up on hilton head, slacks and a golf shirt work everywhere. enjoy your stay, and if it is nice, check out the sunset from the bridge on the cross-island.