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Feb 27, 2012 05:51 PM

Return trip suggestions

2 dinners near MOA are needed. We'll arrive Monday for dinner and leave Friday. We have one breakfast to eat out and we'll head to Marias for corn cakes. We have 4 nights and we are tentatively thinking of going to Matt's (did 5 8 last time) and Broders (were there last time and loved it!). We loved Crave at Galleria...but we should try something different. We'd love to try asian, but this board is all-over with recommendations! We like anything. Character is always an added plus. Price is no object. As we'll have our own vehicle, staying near MOA, but have dreadfully early mornings, we'd like to dine somewhat close. Help us round out our agenda!

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  1. I see you enjoyed Crave but I would encourage you to try some other places that are bound to be suggested. I think MSP has much better to offer.

    1. I can contribute a "punt" option. If you are exhausted and resigned to eating in and around the MOA, don't be afraid of Red Rossa in the Best Western right across the street (south side of the Mall). I'm not kidding. It's nothing out of this world (won't compare to Broders), but they care about the food there and use fresh ingredients. I recommend the braised beef entree, the salads (yes), and the burgers (and I have very high standards for burgers). I am stuck working within eyesight of the MOA and it's been a great addition to a horrendous area for food. I said elsewhere on here that you won't feel like you threw away your money/wasted a meal.

      Frankly, I have nothing else that I can recommend in good conscience in and around the MOA. Just plan well and you can pretty much dine anywhere in Mpls, St. Paul, etc. within an easy 15-minute drive. That's what I do when I go out for lunch at work and I'm almost always back within my allotted hour. Well....or 75 minutes.

      1. Al Vento at 34th Ave S and 50th St E is about the same distance as 5-8 Club. Southern Italian. Pastas made in house (the bucatini all'Amatriciana is incredible). Half-price bottles of wine and drinks before 6:00 (every day).

        In Season at Penn Ave S and 54th St W is closer than Broder's. Emphasis on local seasonal, and chef Don Saunders is one of the best.

        i Nonni at 35E and 13 is under the radar upscale Italian. Great dining room to boot.

        Two breakfast options: Colossal Cafe at Cedar and 42nd. Very small. If you aren't able to get a table, head to Hot Plate at Bloomington Ave and 52nd. At Hot Plate, order the pancakes.

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          FYI, cash only at Colossal. I hope they still offer coffee by the press pbt.

          Also, Las Teresitas is perhaps a half-block from Al Vento. Very nice Mexican food there, if yo are so inclined.

          1. re: KTFoley

            Consider Hoban, a family style Korean restaurant in Eagan, right off 77 South. It's our preferred Korean restaurant in the Twin Cities and always full of Koreans when we go.