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Feb 27, 2012 05:48 PM

Where to pop a nice bottle of champagne?

I have a bottle of Dom P and am looking for a nice place to pop it and was wondering if there is anywhere in DC....a nice rooftop would be great...thanks for any suggestions

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  1. Not a rooftop but the first time I ever had Dom Perginon was when my father brought a bottle to Equinox for a celebratory dinner (my Grandpa's 80th birthday). The champagne was paired perfectly with Chef Gray's Mid-Atlantic Regional cuisine. The atmosphere, food, service (and of course wine) was a dream. I highly recommend bringing your bottle there. You can probably even call ahead and see if the Chef will design a special menu for you around the champagne.

    Afterwards take a stroll by the lit up White House.

    1. komi - champagne pairs very well with the food there...

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        U can bring your own bottle to komi?

        1. re: JustinH2

          I would call and ask first. There likely with be a corkage fee (same as pretty much anywhere else you bring wine).

          1. re: Elyssa

            yes, you can bring two bottles of wine to komi - $25/bottle - i would suggest very good champagne with all the small bites and a nice red with the goat...