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Feb 27, 2012 04:51 PM

Gourmet Garden: Chocolatier Blue revisited

It has been a few years. It is now a pretty shop with blue and white striped walls and the same creative and quality chocolate.

The first chocolate I tried out of the nine I bought was French Toast – a ‘breakfast combination of maple syrup layered with a chocolaty French toast”

I’m still working on

Better Than Sex Cake

Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc



Pistachio with Cherry

Bananas Foster


Sex on the Beach

There is a nice outdoor patio in back shared by the other nearby businesses

Berkeley: The Gourmet Garden on University

Address and website

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  1. They have seven stores in three states with more coming.

    964 University Ave Berkeley, CA
    (510) 705-8800
    Store Hours: Every day 11:30-6