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Feb 27, 2012 04:48 PM

ideas for hake?

hi all! my fish monger was out of true cod, so they suggested hake. can any of you give me some ideas for it? i was thinking of broiling or baking in the oven, serving with couscous and zucchini ribbons - but would LOVE some of your suggestions please!

angela :)

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  1. Hake is in the same family as cod (merlucidae?) and should survive any treatment that you inflict on it. In Boston, it is one of the things you might get when you order "scrod". A funny story is that my pops, the late Big Big Al had an associate known as "Jake The Hake". When I asked him why they called him that, he looked at me like I was simple and explained "Because he's a hake!"

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      thanks for the info, i now know how to proceed.... and great story lil big al!

      angela :)

    2. Also look for spanish recipes that call for Merluza (Hake in Spanish). It is a very common fish where I was in the Basque area.

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        Merluza was one of the choice fish in my home growing up .Fried (cast iron pan),broiled and a brodo di pesci was common fare .My Sicilian grandmother who grew up in a coastal village would often have cuscusu incorporated in the meal.

      2. Baked with seasoned breadcrumbs.

        1. hi all! thanks so much for recommendations!

          i wound up seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, then seared in a heavy bottom (all clad) skillet and put in the oven at 400. once done, i removed fish, tented, then added shallots and garlic and let soften. i then added some dry white wine and a bit of veggie broth and let reduce, then added some cream, lemon and capers. i made couscous and zucchini 'pasta' (as my 9 year old calls them, their just jullienned).


          thanks again everyone!

          angela :)