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Feb 27, 2012 04:01 PM

King Seafood, Marathon???

Just wondering if anyone has been to King Seafood in Marathon? I'm down in the Keys 2-4 times a year, but I always stay in the Lower Keys. I'll be taking my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (and my wife of course) down for a trip in a few months. Since we'll be bringing guests we'll most likely be stopping for lunch on the way down (I'm always just worried about getting there).

I was looking for a laid back, Keysie type place to take them. Got a bunch of suggestions on another board (fishing forum), but I found this new place in Marathon online. They don't have a website, but there is a video on Youtube. It looks like the kind of place I'm looking for, and I was trying to find some people that had been there to confirm that. Looks like it is a fish market/restaurant opened by a Cuban, of course, the food has a Cuban slant to it.

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  1. I know this place is fairly new, but I was hoping someone on the board had tried it out......oh well, I will stopping for lunch there on my way down to Key West in June (if I don't go earlier). I will post a review from my visit. I will also post reviews of any other new places I visit. Of course I'll be stopping by El Sibony, Sandy's, Bad Boy Burrito and Cuban Coffee Queen while I'm down there like usual.

    1. Yeah, so it's been open for less than a year if I recall correctly. I eat there a few times a month mostly for the price, and their "fish sticks" which are really good and priced at $1.25 a piece.

      It's picnic bench seating only... not necessarily Keysie... unless you consider the Cuban-owned restaurants overlooking US HWY 1 as Keysie... seems more like progress from industrious immigrants. Either way, I'm going there now. Ciao!

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        As long as the seafood is fresh and cooked well it's okay with me. Just looking for a place to stop in for a quick lunch on the way down to Key West. Taking a couple of my sister-in-laws from out of state (and wife) down for four nights......they love seafood, especially whole fish. I was thinking of their whole fried yellowtail or something similiar