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Feb 27, 2012 03:31 PM

Looking for Vegan friendly restaurants in Norfolk, VA and environs

Looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and nearby. We'll be there for 5 wks this spring, traveling around the area, and would love to find some casual places for a vegan meal. Even a good sandwich place would be appreciated, though hoping for something more than roasted vegetables on a wholewheat roll or a veggie delite at Subway.

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  1. I'm veg/vegan in NC but my go-to guide is Happy Cow. There are plenty of choices from what I see in both towns. I'm sure someone will pop up and tell you the good places.

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      Thanks, Rory. I agree happycows is where I usually go for recommendations, but when I looked over the choices on happy cow; (they were meager,) and did not sound very attractive. Hoping there must be something better out there. . .

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Pasha Mezze. Vegan and vegetarian friendly. Also has gluten free menu. 22nd St. Norfolk (Ghent)

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          Thanks, bimmertimmer. Pasha Mezze sounds like a real possibility. Apologies to Rory, I double checked and saw Pasha Mezze listed. it has 4 cows and sounds good.