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Feb 27, 2012 03:21 PM

Lucky Peach #3 on Chef role

I thought I would start a separate thread from the ongoing Lucky Peach one since that is mostly about problems getting it delivered and is already 90 posts long. I have been wanting to comment on the contents of Issue #3, which I am finding not only interesting but perhaps significant as well--it deals with the glorifying of chefs in the past decade or so. Since this board will have Top Chef threads that can go several hundred postings long and nearly always has a thread relating to some Food Network issue, it seems particularly significant here.

The question of how celebritizing of chefs may affect the profession and therefore our restaurant experience is seriously dealt with by a number of practitioners, some of whom are favorites. The conversation between David Chang and other young Turks, (gonzos, whatever we call the tough guy/gal generation of tattooed kitchen adventurers) and the article by Montreal chefs about how restaurant chefing requires a lot of hard work and long hours seem to cast a shadow on what might be next in store for diners. The thoughtful piece (surprisingly long) by Mario Batali takes a more positive look, but also emphasizes the dedication to hard work.

I stopped reading at that point to write this posting. Now back to reading. I recommend this issue.

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  1. I've only skimmed a couple articles then been tripped up by the coffee mug chocolate cake recipe. Surprisingly effective.

    1. I agree. I've only read through the Batali piece as well and I keep nodding and chuckling.

      I laughed out loud in the article by the 2 chefs from Montreal when they discussed grease traps. I've haven't had to go grease trap diving, but I can attest to the fact they are a royal PITA and when one starts acting up it's pretty ugly. I also appreciated the fact they touched on the personal toll chefing can take on the person.

      I also liked the short Bourdain article but compared to some of the ones that followed it, I thought it wasn't quite as focused.

      I had a difficult time with issue #2, but not this one. It's pretty right on. Personally, I liked the clam chowder and oyster cracker recipes and can see myself trying them.

      1. I bought four magazines at the bookstore this morning. Three of them were in the recycle bin, with nothing marked or torn out, within two hours. [sad...]

        Lucky Peach 3 is a winner. And I've only read through t the Joe Beef guys conversation with Meehan.

        Highly recommend. Back to reading as well!

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        1. re: nikkihwood

          Alas Barnes and Noble doesn't have it until mid march

          1. re: Bellachefa

            Purchased it at a B&N in Westlake Village, CA on 2/28 - keep checking!

        2. Having subscribed, I hope to actually lay hands on the magazine and be able to read and comment on it someday.

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          1. re: EWSflash

            That is just sad, EWS. I would write to the editor.

            1. re: HillJ

              It arrived a couple of days later, HillJ, I was butt-hurt for those 2 days but now I'm okay :-) no need to write the editor unless I have a litrary gripe.

          2. I think I would have read the Batali piece a bit differently had I not been aware of the current legal event.

            Then again, maybe not.