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Feb 27, 2012 03:18 PM

Room temperature/cold chicken dish

I'm going to a ski potluck (unfortunately warm weather) on Saturday and signed up to bring a chicken dish which I think needs to be room temp or cool. Crock pot is iffy--I had problems w/ it last year w/ people pulling the plug, plus it will be warm. I'm leaning towards Chicken Marbella w/ less sugar or a salad w/ roasted veg, some grain (couscous, quinoa, ...), pesto like or balsamic dressing but my heart isn't set on anything. Does anyone have ideas? I'd be making it Friday, refrigerating overnight, bringing it on Sat in a cooler for lunch. I need it to be meat heavy and not mayo based, like a basic chicken salad. Thanks!

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  1. I love cold fried chicken. Very popular in the south for picnics, family reunions, dinner on the grounds, etc.

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      That's what I was going to suggest, fried chicken.

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        Thanks, that was the first thing that crossed my mind but I'm REALLY bad at frying. I wish I could do a good one. I love good fried chicken.

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          You can do a cheater baked version. My mother has made this for over 40 years and there is never a bit left. She uses the chicken wing drummettes, but drumsticks are great. She melts butter (not spa food), and rolls the chicken pieces first in the melted butter and then into a mixture of seasoned breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Bake until golden. Good hot or room temp and no frying. The cheese makes the coating crispy.

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            This might be heresy, but when folks here want chicken at a potluck, they pick it up at one of the supermarket delis, and everyone loves it. I picked up some baked wings today, very yummy.

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              Yes, supermarket fried chicken is often excellent for this purpose.

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                  We had a Popeye's here, but it wasn't open very long. Maybe it's a regional thing, but not many liked it.

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                    That's sad to hear...where is your region, if I may ask?

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                      Look at my name.... that's where i live. I see Popeyes in lots of airports (with long lines), but I wasn't fond of it.

        2. If it's not going to be hot, I would not do any wet chicken preparation.

          Really, fried chicken is by far the best way to go. Next best is Cornell chicken, which is excellent cold (especially if you marinate the chicken for at least a couple of hours rather than merely basting it). Pace the writer linked, I strongly recommend you do NOT follow the reduction in salt from 3 to 1 tablespoons if you are going to use this as a marinade rather than basting sauce; it acts as a brine (reducing the salt level makes more sense if you are lacquering the chicken with a basting sauce over and over because then you are building up a layer of salt).

          1. The couscous and quinoa is out of my area of expertise.

            I just read a recipe for a Greek pasta salad that we wanted to try. You could make it very heavy on the chicken and light on pasta. This had olives, different salume, pepperocini peppers, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, etc. with a vinaigrette. It would be good with chunks of spicy roasted chicken to replace the salume.

            1. One of my favorite chicken dishes is cold ginger chicken. It's basically a whole poached chicken cut up into pieces and served cold with a really yummy sauce of oil with really finely chopped green onion, chinese parsley, fresh ginger, salt and pepper.


              It's really popular in Hawaii, but if you're not used to the skin texture and eating the chicken on the bone, it can be off-putting, so you might debone and de-skin the chicken after cooking it and before serving.

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                That one has my vote but how about a dipping sauce of soy sauce+ginger juice+sesame oil+chopped scallion+ clove raw garlic+ splash of vinegar.

              2. Parmesan-Dijon Chicken breasts are GREAT at room temp:

                Take a large package of chicken breasts (bone-in is tastiest, but your call,), remove the skins, and cut each into 1/3'rds

                Mix 1 egg, well beaten with 2/3 cup of good dijon mustard.

                Roll in a mix of 1/2 bread crumbs, 1/2 finely grated real parmesan. a little fresh pepper, parsley, garlic powder.

                Melt 1/4 cup of butter in a large pyrex in oven that is pre-heating to 375.

                When melted, add a sploosh of olive or canola oil to keep from burning, and tilt pan to coat the bottom all over. Put chicken pieces into the pan, skin side down, then quickly turn over so that they all have a bit of butter on their tops.

                Bake for 1/2 an hour until crispy and golden brown, and juices run clear.If you do boneless, check after 18-20 minutes. I don't do this, so not clear on quite how much time saved from taking off the bone...

                Cool. Serve at room temp with a sauce of 1/2 dijon/ 1/2 mayo on the side.

                Wonderful; easier than fried chicken, and more flavor.