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Feb 27, 2012 03:16 PM

Dinner suggestions near Upper Darby High School

I'm giving a presentation next month and need a few suggestions for an early dinner with my co-presenter near the high school. Admittedly, I'm going into terra incognito. All cuisines welcome.

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  1. I really like Sycamore in Lansdowne and Little Saigon near 69th street terminal. Sycamore is ambitious 'new american' BYO. Little Saigon is cheap, good vietnamese (as you've surely guessed). 2312 Garrett has gastropub aspirations, but the beer is better than the food.

    1. Sycamore and Little Saigon are good choices. Also in that area near Little Saigon is Don Memo for Mexican, another Vietnamese place called Pho and Cafe Anh Hong (which I prefer over Little Saigon), and another Chinese place that sells excellent dumplings (drawing a blank on the name -- next to or one store away from Little Saigon). There is also an H-Mart where all three restaurants are listed, which has quick Korean/Japanese food upstairs.

      Hopefully some of these will appeal to you.