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Feb 27, 2012 03:08 PM

Three Days in Winston-Salem

We will be in Winston-Salem (first time) for a conference and need some restaurant advice.
So far I have gone through old posts and found breakfast spots - Breakfast of Course/ Mary's of Course (which one is the new name???), Ollie Bakery and Cloverdale Kitchen. Any other great options? Which place has the best grits? For lunch we were thinking Sweet Potatoes, Diamonback Grill or Milners. And for dinner, Hutch and Harris and maybe Sweet Potatoes again if it is really good. My husband is looking for some really good fried chicken and western NC BBQ.
Someone mentioned Old Salem as having good food, but I thought this was an area of town. Is there a restaurant by that name as well?
Will be staying out of downtown at the Sundance - does anyone know anything about his place? I've seen some not so stellar reviews and am a bit apprehensive. Are there any restaurants close by? The only thing I've seen mentioned are a Pizza Hut and a Subway which are not feasible.
Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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  1. I think you have some pretty good places lined up. (I think the new name is Breakfast of Course!) For bbq, try Bib's, Little Richards or Mr. BBQ. In Old Salem is Salem Tavern, a 200+ year old tavern thats a fun experience, with pretty good food.

    Sundance is out near Wake Forest, don't know anything about it. Not much out that way that I'm aware of except Hero House, good for a quick sandwich or gyro.

    Some other places to consider are West End Cafe, Meridian (upscale) and Sixth and Vine (wine bar).

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      Thank you carolinadawg. I just read about the BBQ in Lexington. Is it worth the drive to find BBQ or are the places you mentioned in town (Bibs, Little Richards and Mr. BBQ) just as good?
      I looked up Meridian and it seems like a great dinner spot. I will also look up West End and Sixth and Vine. Thanks so much for the info. I will let you know how it goes.

    2. It looks like you've done your homework. You have selected some of Winston's best. I would only add that I would strike Cloverdale Kitchen from the list. They are a decidedly average diner type place. Also the hero house has now moved removing area choice from the Sundance area. One of the few remaining places is Meltdown which has good bar type food but nothing revolutionary.

      For BBQ, I would venture to lexington if you have the time and the stomach space to take in a few places. Best bet is to share a chopped plate with outside brown at two or three different places

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        Thank you quazi. I am taking Cloverdale off the list and will head down to Lexington for some BBQ. From what I've been reading Lexington #1, BBQ Center and Cooks are good options in Lexington. Do you have a favorite or another suggestion?

        1. re: boyzmom11

          Yes, Cloverdale is a basic diner, but a good basic diner. Certainly nothing fancy or gourmet, but a great place for a straightforward breakfast without breaking the bank.

          In Lexington, my vote is for Lexington #1 and Barbecue Center, although the 'q in W-S is almost as good. if you have some time to kill, and want to experience Lexington, then by all means go for it. But if you can't get down there, Little Richards or Mr. BBQ are a more than adequate substitute.

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            I am hoping that we have time to get down to Lexington because my husband really wants to go. If not, we will try Little Richards or Mr BBQ depending on where we are at the time. Thanks so much for your time and input. We really appreciate it! :0)

      2. Not sure if you've already gone on your trip, but another breakfast place I'd recommend is the Screaming Rooster. Portions aren't huge, but the food is thoughtfully prepared.

        1. Thank you to everyone who gave us some guidance on where to eat in Winston-Salem. We are back from our trip, and we were pleased with what we found.
          We had such a good breakfast at Breakfast of Course that we went twice! The service is great and the atmosphere lively. Someone really took the time in designing and decorating the place and it showed. The food was very good. My son had pancakes both days and loved them - and he is a pancake critic since it is in his top five favorite food. The eggs, french toast, sausages - everything was well prepared and tasty. The corn meal cakes are highly recommended. If you are in need of a good breakfast - this is the place.
          We had dinner at Milner's and it was quite good. I had shrimp and grits and must say it was right up there with some of the best s&g that I've had in the low country. My husband had pot roast which was very well prepared, tender and served with a nice assortment of vegetables and a yummy gravy. My son had a burger which was very well prepared.
          We went to Mr. BBQ for lunch. My husband who is the BBQ hound loved it. He was staring at the banana pudding but resisted and he is still thinking about it. You have to cut corners somewhere I suppose!
          We had a quick lunch at Sweet Potatoes. All I can say is - if you eat nothing else - save room for dessert. Now I make a mean sweet potato pie, but their version (they have only two desserts - Sweet Potato and Pecan Sweet Potato Pie) are pretty darn close to as good as mine. They were superb!!!
          We made it to Old Salem and hit the bakery there for some take home gifts. Reports are that the Moravian Cookies are out of this world. We also got a chocolate chip, cream filled cookie for my son and he was a very happy camper. We really enjoyed the shops in Old Salem and wish we could visit during Easter time which I hear is quite nice.
          We made it to Ollie's Bakery one morning and wished we could transport it to our town. What a great place! The only problem is deciding what to have - the selection is huge and everything is freshly baked and looks delicious. We got four things and shared and one was better than the other. Good coffee, good tea. Highly recommended.
          Finally, we went to the little lunch place (I am so sorry I forgot the name...) in Reynolda Village.
          I had a very tasty club sandwich. I would recommend this place if I could remember the name!!! This is the one with deck outside - very warm and cozy atmosphere. Not the breakfast place, which looked good but I didn't have time to try.

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          1. re: boyzmom11

            ^ Glad to hear you had a good experience in Winston-Salem. For its size, it has some excellent food choices.

            BTW, the name of the restaurant in Reynolda Village is the Village Tavern.

            1. re: arbyunc

              The Village Tavern - yes, it was good.
              Yes, Winston-Salem was a good experience. The people are friendly - both on these boards and in person. So thanks!!! :)

              1. re: boyzmom11

                I was going through the winston boards and it has been so long that half of the places mentioned aren't even around anymore and there are some great new ones.

                Here are my Winston Recs:

                Brunch: still Breakfast of Course! Or Camino if you want coffee/pastry. The Cobblestone farmers market on Saturday mornings in season is by far the most charming breakfast in town. It's in Old Salem and you can get a Krankie's Coffee with a camino pastry, listen to live music and people watch

                Lunch/Dinner: Mozelles for southern comfort food - their tomato pie and meatloaf is the best but everything is good. Honey pot is new and was good, although it seemed to be trying a little too hard. Great drinks though, which figures because it is owned by the same people as Tate's (nice bar nearby). Spring House is amazing but not always consistent, the building is charming though and great for events. I am also a big mission pizza fan, which has great pizza alternatives too. If you are looking for something different I would also recommend Downtown Thai, which has been a staple of ours for years.

          2. could i just put a plug on here for sitting @ the bar @ Milners? this is at night; i can't speak for during the day. it's that the bartenders are great people. i can't remember the young woman's name who is often tending bar, but Mr. Fox (aka John) is a great favorite. they make excellent drinks, and they are just the most personable, welcoming people.

            the food @ Milner's is always consistently excellent. not flashy, a menu that doesn't change a lot, but i've never been disappointed.

            i like Breakfast of Course, but the biscuits go for height at the expense of proper browning and flavor. Olliie's Bakery is closed, but the pastries and the bread @ Camino downtown are every bit as good, if not better. there's a whole lot more seating, and they sell The New York Times (coffee's better too).