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Feb 27, 2012 03:05 PM

Red Devon Review[Stanfordville]

This weekend I visited the Red Devon with a large group (6 people). I am from out of town, but I saw the James Beard nominees go up so I thought I’d give it a try. Also, I am very into locavore eating.
All in all, we had a great dinner. We shared both the cheese plate and the charcuterie plate. The table tended to order similarly, with 2 salads, two lamb dishes, and 2 of the pastas, but everyone was pleased with what they ordered. The pasta was well made and the fillings were quite flavorful.
I was impressed with how local the menu was, with there even being local wine selections highlighted on the menu.
There were a couple missteps: they were out of some of their beer and wine selections, so several party members had to choose something else. However, our server did a good job of helping those people find something to their taste and bringing samples as needed. I found it odd that our cheese and charcuterie plates were not introduced; we figured it out, but a description of what we were eating would have been nice.
Dessert portions were very generous and delicious, though I wouldn’t mark them as anything exceptional.
The Red Devon was worth the trip and I’d be happy to give them another try if I’m in the area again.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. red devon = dutchess county, east of the taconic / south of route 199 / north of route 44 (and i believe just off route 82), between millbrook and pine plains. i think the town is washington.

      1. re: bob gaj

        Here is the location...sorry.

        Red Devon Restaurant
        108 Hunns Lake Rd, Stanfordville, NY 12581

    2. So, according to their website the restaurant is currently closed and only the cafe is open, and not for dinner. The "about our chef" page on their website is empty, so I guess the chef left. Anyone know the details or what their plans are for reopening? I have a gift certificate I won from HVRW and was planning to finally use it, until I found that the restaurant was closed!

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      1. re: MisterBill2

        I understand that they're not planning to reopen the restaurant. Besides the cafe, they have a great bakery/prepared food takeout section; also raw meat, I believe. Call and see if they'd honor the gift certificate there.

        1. re: JRBlack

          That's disappointing. I guess I'll call and see if they will take it at the cafe. We have friends who live in Millbrook so I guess we could take them to lunch. It's only for $60.

          1. re: JRBlack

            Here's a reply to a post I made on their FB page. BTW does anyone know where their chef went?

            We lost our executive chef. We now have a new chef and we are working on getting everything right and ready to re-open! We will keep you posted on when we decide to re-open!

            1. re: MisterBill2

              according to this:


              she's now chef at dutch's spirits, pine plains...

          2. re: MisterBill2

            too bad about that. i called them late may, and they said they were still hiring ppl for the line and would be opening 'soon'. guess they chose not to.

            as jrblack said, maybe the market will honor it. i've had their burger a few times (at the market) and it was top notch, esp. with the 35 cheese.