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Need Birthday Cake Bakery Recommendations for East Bay

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The place where I usually order my cakes is overbooked for the second weekend in March. Need a birthday cake for about 25 people and cake and dessert really really matters to my group. Need a recommendation for East Bay bakeries, please. Thanks.

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  1. What is your usual place?
    What flavors or styles do you like?
    Do you have a budget?

    My favorite cakes in the East Bay are from Masse's, Crixa, Katrina Rozelle and Sweet Adeline. They each have their own niche, but all make excellent birthday cakes.

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      I usually order special cakes from a person who makes cakes from her home, Sue Faina Cakes. Over the years her cakes have beat every bakery cake I have ever had. I think the last cake I had done was for a group of 40 to 60 sheet cake was $110.00 - and it was excellent and the decorations were lovely (decorated in a chocolate ganache, with pale yellow swirl designs with a big bow so the cake looked like a birthday package). Since I only need cake for about 20, budget is not the prime motivating factor. Taste first and decorations second are the main objectives. Of your list, which do you think is the best.

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        I think Masse's is the best. But, if you have a very specific look in mind, Katrina Rozelle may be better able to exactly match for your vision. Check out both bakeries and see what appeals to you.

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          I've had a Masse's cake that was decorated in extraordinary detail to match a complicated image--they did a beautiful job. And it was delicious.

          I've not seen Katrina Rozelle's special ordered cakes, done to a particular design--but all her cakes are also beautiful and taste great.

          I actually like Crixa best of all the East Bay places (again, this is such a matter of taste)--but I don't know if they do the sort of decorations you're looking for.

      2. I'm a huge fan of Braxtons' Boxes in Richmond/El Cerrito. Their frosting is VERY light and fluffy and they have a lot of different options. Five stars on Yelp and more than 100 reviews. They let us taste a bunch of different combinations before we ordered. They do cakes, cupcakes and cookies.