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Feb 27, 2012 02:08 PM

Girls Weekend/Bachelorette Party Ideas

I'm trying to organize a weekend for girls in DC, right before the wedding on Saturday. I'd like to stay in the DC, Arlington, Old Town areas.

I've love to get some ideas on good happy hours or other fun food related activities. So far I have come up with evening tea at the Willard, or Dessert tasting menu at Co Co Sala. Don't want something too expensive. Other ideas I've thought about, but haven't found anything good is a cocktail making (and drinking) class, or a food cooking (and then eating) class.

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  1. Culinaerie has a lot of cooking classes, and maybe Sur la Table as well?

    The back room of The Passenger for the private cocktail thing would be pretty awesome for a group. Probably somewhat pricey, but I don't really know.

    Or you could do the private supper club thing at Seasonal Pantry near the Convention Center, and maybe work out some kind of lesson element:

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      I love the class I took at Culinaerie. I would recommend it MUCH over Sur La Table.

      I think the Coco Sala idea is a fun one. You can also head over to the lounge at PS7 beforehand to grab some cocktails and food. Or Graffiato might be a fun place and then go get dessert at Coco Sala.

    2. Contact Steve Warner at Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria for excellent cocktail classes. You could pair that with dinner somewhere in Old Town (you might even be able to get a cooking demonstration at Society Fair afterwards). Oh and Virtue Feed and Grain down the street has a pool table, arcade games and the nintendo equivalent of wii. Lots of fun.

      My favorite bachelorette party in DC was actually bachelor party themed- we went to a classic steakhouse, burlesque show and cigar bar all wearing "menswear". It was so fun.

      1. I just walked by this place on U street called Merlot's Masterpiece. I'm not sure if it's new or not because I didn't see anyone inside when I walked by and I don't remember it being there before.

        I saw some easels and theres a wine glass on the sign so I assumed it's like a painting and wine class. Has ayone heard of this place? I've never been to one, but heard theyre fun. I thought it would be something different for a bachelorette party.

        I'm planning my BFFs and wanted to get some more ideas.

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          It's new and I'm not sure it's open yet. There's another just opened in Dupont called ArtJamz or something like that.

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            ok thanks. I went to the Merlot's Masterpiece website and saw that they just opened last week. I sent an email to ask about booking a private party so we'll see what happens