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Dec 21, 2001 06:34 PM

Where is the BEST DUCK in San Diego?

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I ate at Thee Bungalow which was good but overcooked and the meat not as moist as it should be. Also have eaten at Cafe Eleven which was decent but not great. I guess the best I have had so far is Parallel 33. Any other good duck places?

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    David Naimark

    Try the duck confit with lentils at Laurel. It's the best duck dish I've had in San Diego.

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    1. re: David Naimark

      My favorite duck is at Aux Delices on Miramar Road-amazingly good food-very reasonable prices

      1. re: Bob Foster

        What about the duck at Emerald?

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          David Naimark

          I've never heard of this place. Can you say a bit more about it. Thanks

          1. re: David Naimark

            It's on Miramar road about 1 mile east of 805, on the north side of the street-behind the new 7/11 store and the Denny's. It's owned by the same folks who own Vintage Wines Limited. The two places are connected by a set of stairs. It's mobbed at lunch but very quiet at dinner. Great food, reasonable prices-one of our favorites (along with Thee Bungalow, Bernard O's and Cafe Luna) You gotta try this place!

      2. Thanks for the suggestions so far David, Bob, and Betty. Keep them coming.

        1. The best I have had is at El Bizcocho. Served with caramelized apples and Calvados brandy

          1. A while back, Dobson's (next to Horton Plaza) did a A- duck confit. But, he's slipped a bit and it has been a while since I've tried it.