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Feb 27, 2012 02:01 PM

Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares. Do you like the show, believe restaurants are

You have to admit it is something to see all those restaurants get changed, the owners becoming good people with sterling work ethics, within an hour tv show. You can say many things about Ramsay's temper, but he sure is the Jesus of restaurant makeover.

Anyone ever ate at his resurrected restaurants?

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  1. yes, there was one in Boca Raton Fl that we went to about 2 weeks after the filming was done and the place remodeled. The food was so so, the decor dark brown and not exciting. Ramsay did a revisit about a year later and the owner had divorced her husband, lost about 100lbs, closed the restaurant and that was it.

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      I absolutely believe restaurants are real.

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        You're funny SteveRB. Iv'e always watched the show, but I'm liking the current season more than past ones...he seems to have toned down his act a bit, and now that he's living in the US, it seems he's become more emotionally invested in the restaurants.

        I was curious about the latest show, Hon in Baltimore, and checked out Yelp to see what was being said after the makeover - pretty interesting:

    2. I was on the episode for La Frite, in Sherman Oaks, CA. The restaurant had been there for over 25 years and had gone stale. I'm not sure it was ever very good. Ramsay completely changed the menu and the food on the finale (at least what we got to eat) was quite good. He returned in a recent episode and they said business had improved since his "makeover" but they had added a few thing back from their previous menu. In reality, they've gone back entirely to their pre-Ramsay menu.

      For me, the show has become completely formulaic and boring.

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        Although this transformation was not on kitchen nightmares, ramsay was recently involved in the revitalization of a restaurant here. The menu and decor follows in the tradition set in KN. Although it is a pleasant environ, the food is lackluster --- although I must add that it does get rave reviews. Overall the biggest changes are simplification of the menu, and simple but fresh comfort food --- i wouldn't be surprised if some of the menu items can be found across the united states. Again, not really my bag, but it definitely gives a KN vibe --- so even in the absence of the cameras, he is responsible for a certain archetype. So I would say that at least the transformatio nis real. maybe not the personalities...