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Feb 27, 2012 01:35 PM

Baby shower Cherry Hill or Deptford NJ

Any recommendations for an April baby shower for 15-20. Looking for Cherry Hill or Deptford. American or Italian food.

Thank you

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  1. I attended a baby shower luncheon last year at Filomena Lakeview in Deptford. There was maybe 15 to 20 people, and we sat upstairs in a small nook. It was great. The atmosphere was nice, we were able to mingle with one another, and the food was good.

    Here is their website:

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      I'd second Filomena Lakeview. The food is (for the area) quite decent Italian, they handle medium sized parties well, and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. But book EARLY - a couple weeks ago my father-in-law tried to book a party of 20 for a Sunday afternoon and they were all full.

      Alternative would be Riverwinds in Deptford - I've been to a number of parties/events there (that's actually where we ended up as an alternative). They have a few different rooms, food is good, service very attentive. More of a steakhouse/seafood place but with some decent Italian options. (Very nice wine list, too, for those who find it torturous to get through the endless hours of baby shower games...!)

    2. You wouldn't get a private room, but you might look at Marlene's on Broad Street in Woodbury. Great food and service. If you were there mid-afternoon, they might close the place for you.

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        Unrelated to a baby shower, but is Marlene's definitely worth trying, then? My SO works in the area (like literally a few blocks away) and we keep wondering if it's worth a dinner or office luncheon.

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          Funny, I also work nearby (I don't even have to cross the street to get there)! I get take out for lunch from there on a regular basis, but when I have the time to go out, it's a great place for a sit down lunch. I haven't been for dinner, because I live in Center City, but I think it's worth trying. Mostly I've stuck to sandwiches, but my co-workers and I had a work holiday lunch there and had some great soups and pasta dishes. Compared to the rest of our options out here, it's at the top. Would it stand out in Center City... probably not. But, it doesn't need to!

          Since they are open for lunch and dinner, I think it would be a great place for a baby shower or private party during the mid-afternoon. The staff and owners seem to be really accommodating.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            Cool, thanks! We were going to have our office luncheon there this holiday season (my SO is on Delaware St.) but scheduling just didn't work out. It's nice to see a little positive momentum in Woodbury at last so I do want to support the businesses in the area.

            Here's another possibility to consider for the shower - Vitale's in Gloucester City. We've had a few family & office parties there and it's classic red gravy, but in a good way. Small space, nothing too fancy, but I'm sure they'd fit your party easily, and good service. It's definitely a bit of a hole-in-the-wall for the area.