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Feb 27, 2012 01:25 PM

Snacking stroll suggestions Downtown Seattle?

CT Chowhound will be in town for a wedding - have never been to seattle - any suggestions for a snacky stroll through Downtown? Alas no car. Under $10 per snack would be preferred...

I will probably have 3 hours tops on a Friday to do this - open to eating anything & everything that is worthwhile..

We do this in NYC all the time but not sure if Seattle has that kind of interesting eating available...

Many thanks!!

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  1. You can get lots of excellent snacks at Pike Market. My absolute favorite is available at happy hour at Cafe Campagne - the $1 pate sandwich - country style pork and chicken liver pate on gourgere. So good. Some of my other favs are Piroshkis, vegan borscht from Cafe Yarmarka, really good smoked king salmon from the various seafood vendors (they'll give you a taste - choose your fav) and mini cinnamon doughnuts. You can walk down to the Fran's store in the 4 seasons for a chocolate treat. If they have them, the chocolate stuffed figs are to die for! I'd also probably hit Blueacre for happy hour for a couple of $1 oysters and the potted salmon. Delish!

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      +1 there are endless possibilities here

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        + 1 more!

        Add to this list: all manner of deli meats (including some Salumi favorites) and cheeses at DeLaurenti's; curried beef hom bao from Mee Sum Pastry; crab cocktail and oyster shooters from City Fish; chowder from Pike Place Chowder; mini-cheesecakes at The Confectional; French-style pastries from Le Panier; samples of Washington wines at The Tasting Room...and I've just made myself hungry!!

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          Good advice, add a few places at the Pike Place Market: Crumpet Shop (facing First Ave), Jack's Fish Spot for a cup of Cioppino and maybe an oyster. Across Pike Place, in the main arcade, find the Market Grill for Salmon and Halibut sandwiches and Uli's Famous Sausages (they will grill anything in the case for you and offer an array of extras (peppers, onions, fries, ale - all good). Persian Delight for main-dish pastries and savory delights.

      2. That's what I'm talkin about! Thanks very much for the recs.
        Any food truck yummy-ness in that area?

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          debvil, Trust us... once you enter the Pike Place Market, you won't need a truck - except perhaps to haul yourself out once your done 'grazing'!

          Also recomment Pike Place Chowder (award winning); Beecher's Handmade Cheese for mac' n cheese and curd tasting - in Sanitary Market across the street from main arcade; Piroshki, Piroshki is here too.

          If you have time, go up to 3rd floor of Lowell's for a local beer and to watch the scene on the waterfront as the ferry's come and go, and have a beer or a drink (buy at bar on second floor).

          For coffee; SKIP the 'orginal Starbuck's" in the market, and go out and down just South down 1st Ave. to Fonte coffee and try a few brews. We ARE coffeetown, for sure. Also good Gelato a couple doors down, can't remember the name right now, but it is right there.

          Have fun, and tell us what you ate!

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            Agreed. The only food truck in that area is likely to be Maximus Minimus, which is totally worth seeing (it's a giant, badass pig truck!) but not really worth eating if you only have a short time here, imo.

            If you didn't go to Fonte, you could go to Cafe Ladro on Union just up the block from 1st Ave for excellent coffee.

        2. stop by the chocolate box (near the market) and get a scoop of homemade molly moon ice cream.

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            excellent ideas - I thank you all for sharing! Will report back next week when we're back.