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Feb 27, 2012 01:23 PM

Lunch on the way to Andalusia


I will be driving down from Madrid to Casares (Andalusia) on Monday 5/14 and would love to stop by a special unpretentious place for lunch with my wife. We will be leaving Madrid around 10am, so we will be about half way through at lunch time. I would gladly take a 20-30 minute detour for such a place.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cost is not an issue, but a good food is certainly what I am after.

Thank you so much for your input.

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  1. Madrid to Cáceres takes around 3 1/2 hours, so you'll be getting to Cáceres right around lunch time. You could stop off in Trujillo on the way and check out the Plaza Mayor, the Pizarro house, and castle. There are several restaurants in the plaza--like Restaurante Pizarro, Corral del Rey, and Casa de la Troya--if you stick to the local carnivorous options and order a cheese plate, it's hard to go wrong.

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      Trujillo is a very nice place, but the OP is talking of Casares (Malaga) not Caceres. My onlysuggestions would be "La Bobadilla" in Loja, or teher is plenty to chose from in Antequera. Im my experience, better aim your stop at 2/3 of the trip rather than 1/2 way. Less risk of falling asleep after lunch...

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        Oops, sorry about that--I'm so used to people misspelling Spanish town names that I misread and assumed the worst.

        Caserío de San Benito is right off the road and very country style with good rice dishes and porra antequerana:

        El Angelote and La Espuela (in the Plaza de Toros--a one of a kind setting) are two other options in Antequera.

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          Thank you butterfly and monchique both for your suggestions. I meant to reply earlier with the corrected location, but Chowhound for some reason would not let me do this via phone this morning.

          I appreciate your advice and will look these places up as soon as I have a chance.

          I will be driving to Seville after Casares and plan to stop by in Jerez to sample some of the local wines at one of the bodegas (I will have to research which one my wife and I should go to as well). I was thinking that after that I can head over to Sanlucar de Barrameda for their well known Langostinos de Sanlucar. Do you think that is a good idea, since I do not believe that I will have any other time during my trip to get to Sanlucar.

          Thanks again.

          Best regards,

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            So instead of going to Jerez, if you are short of time, why not visit a Bodega in Sanlucar like Barbadillo (where the Jerez is called Manzanilla instead, and very good indeed!). is just one of them. Look at
            Restaurant: Casa Bigote in Sanlucar...

            1. re: monchique

              I was thinking that too monchinque. In fact, I went out to the wine ship today and purchased a manzanilla from sanlucar just to see what its like.

              That is the way I am going to go since I really want to have the seafood by the beach, probably at Case Bigote.

              Thanks again.

              1. re: girdev

                La Guita is a very good Manzanilla if you can find it (I only buy in 1/2 bottles as, like Jerez, it does not keep well once open). Also try a Pedro Ximenes at the other end of the spectrum (very sweet, a mouthfull of grapes).

                1. re: monchique

                  That is odd, I was just thinking about asking how long the bottles can remain open. I bought three bottles, two dry and one sweet, I believe they are by Pedro Romero. I am glad you told me not to keep them open for too long.

                  With Port wine I know I keep the bottle open for a while, never having tried this wine, I thought it was the same concept.

                  I will now open the bottles when I know I can finish them with my wife.

                  1. re: monchique


                    I found La Guita, drank it, and now I will be going out to get some more. It was absolutely wonderful, thank you for the suggestion.

                    1. re: girdev

                      Glad you enjoyed it! and thank you for posting.

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                    The Feria de la Manzanilla in Sanlucar is between the 15th and 20th of May and would be a great time to visit if you want a party. But you would need to reserve very soon. Some manzanillas to look out for: Pasada Pastrana, San León Reserva de la Familia, Aurora, Navazos. Aside from not keeping well once opened, manzanillas, sherries, and finos also don't tend to travel or store for long periods well. Unless you buy from a place that moves their stock very quickly, they are sure to taste better here.

                    1. re: butterfly

                      Thank you butterfly.

                      How does this party scene work for the duration? Do people get together at bodegas and feast? I will read up on the celebration (obviously I do not know much about it) and will try to take full advantage of it while I am there.

                      How in your opinoion are some of the way folks celebrate? Should I reserve lunch at Casa Bigote? I thought it was more of a casual location, but if I need to reserve, I rather do that sooner then later.

                      I have a travel agent who had planned a tour for me in Ronda as well as Flamenco in Tablao El Arnal in Seville (no dinner just performance), but the rest we are on our own, as I like to be.

                      Have you heard of Pancio in Seville, and what are your thoughts about it?

                      Thank you and monchinque for helping me enrich my experience at this region.