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Feb 27, 2012 01:22 PM

Help Needed! Wedding venue suggestions please

Hi. We are getting married in Florence late May (Wednesday) and are in great need of some inspiration for our wedding reception venue. We do not have a huge budget (approx 50 euros per head inc wine). There will be approx 25 guests. No transport so central location preferable but willing to walk to outskirts of city for that something special.
We expect to arrive at the restaurant at around 6pm and hope to spend the whole evening there.
Ideally we would like private open-air dining (either roof terrace/garden) or a small restaurant that we could hire out (or at least part of it), It would need to have a relaxed atmosphere, nothing swanky, as we have 3 small children and we would like to be able to play our own music and maybe have a bit of a dance. I know we are not asking for much!! but if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
We are flying out late March when we hope to visit the venues and make a booking.
Please help!!

Amber and Ed

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  1. With 3 small children, I suggest you rule out the roof top option, of which there are probably not too many in Florence anyway. Italy is not the land of child-proofing.

    Personally, were it me, I think I would join in the spirit of weddings in Italy which tend to be a community celebration with a bit of public display. I would look for a wine bar the fronts onto a piazza, so instead of being in private garden, you could dance in the public space. (And you have more room). Obviously the wildly high-priced bars that ring the piazza Signoria wouldn't be fun, but if you spot some smaller public spaces that charm you during your March trip, maybe you could work something out with the owner of a bar that is part of that space.

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      Thanks for this. This is certainly something we had not considered. We will look into this option when we visit at the end of the month.

    2. That's a hard one! Especially the music part. So..I'm just going to ignore that part of the equation, and suggest some affordable, charming places with outdoor seating that should work.

      Antica Mescita di San Nicolo, is very relaxed and in the San Niccolo neighborhood, so very quiet. It's relaxed and certainly within your price range.
      Another option is All'Antico Ristoro di Cambi. Again, simple, relaxed great food, with outdoor seating
      And finally, on my favorite piazza della Passera is Quattro Leone. The fanciest of the bunch, but not too exp. And you can't beat the piazza for charming.

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        Thank you so much for this, Elizabeth. It's much appreciated.
        We will most definitely check out all 3 of the venues....

      2. In 40 or so years of visiting Italy, I have never seen an Italian wedding party dancing in a piazza or indeed an Italian wedding meal that took place at the outdoor tables of a bar, cafe or trattoria.

        Children are not a problem in most places that host weddings; wedding parties often include flocks of them. High to very high-end places do not cope well with children, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

        Consider a place like this: It has several indoor spaces as well as gardens for outdoor dining. It's either on or near the route of the No. 7 public bus to Fiesole; even taxi fare would not be exorbitant. I have not eaten there but have heard the food well spoken of. The menu is standard Tuscan fare that does not generally come at a high price. (Click on Lo Spaccio for a link to the menu.)

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          Come to the Italian Riviera some time! Not only do just-married couples parade through many of the towns as part of the celebration, many sit outdoors for their wedding meal.

          I've also seen a just-married couple dancing in a piazza in Florence.

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            Ive seen openair celebrations in the piazza in the town weve visited on Lago di Garda as well. A smaller square without vehicular traffic or parking, of course.

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            Thank you for your suggestion. Your replies are all so helpful. We will take a look at this option....

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