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Feb 27, 2012 01:08 PM

Sun City Center area restaurants

Will be visiting relatives in Sun City Center in March. Looking for area reataurants, not chains, that offer fine dining.

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  1. fine dining and sun city center are not typically mentioned in the same sentence. Several acceptable Mom and Pop Italian places. You need to drive over to Lythia or maybe west to Bradenton to find something good. Topping for you. You might try Yelp. I don't consider Yelp to have the quality of recs that the Hound does, but they do get many more hits. LMF

    1. Short answer? There aren't any. Everything in SCC is absolutely keyed to the retired crowd -- which might be exactly what your relatives enjoy.

      Lots of casual restaurants around, a few of which are non-chain, but for white-tablecloth stuff you'll have to go to Sarasota or Tampa.