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Feb 27, 2012 01:08 PM

Road trip from Atlanta to Arlington and back

We are planning a trip in April from Atlanta to Asheville, Charlottesville and Arlington. We will return to Atlanta from Arlington via a more eastern route. We have all the time we need and would like to know if there are any places the Board would recommend along this route. We will spend some time in the Va wine country and Asheville both of whom have many recommendations for restaurants. But what about the small, perhaps, out of the way destinations that we should not miss?

We spent 40 years in Europe and will spend, hopefully, the next 20 years seeing America. We used Chowhound to travel across the northern section of Florida, up the Georgia Coast to Charleston and loved it.

We are looking forward to the wine and food of the Carolinas and Virgina. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Thats a hugely broad topic, and its somewhat difficult, i think, to begin to formulate a reasonable answer. 2 suggestions that come to mind are:

    1. if you're interested in bbq, check out the NC BBQ Society's BBQ Trail. This is a listing (and map) of about 2 dozen of the best tradiitonal bbq places in the state.

    2. Our State magazine has complied a list of "100 foods you must eat in 100 Counties", one for each county in NC. Its a fun list, and I've been to many of the places.

    One other suggestion: this board covers GA, SC and NC, but not Virginia, so you might want to post on the Mid-Atlantic board for Virginia recs.

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      Thanks, this is good information and advice

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        Picked up the magazine Our State and will now spend time in Asheville and Blowing Rock (wine fest.) We are also looking for an overnight near good hiking trails in those areas as well as good eats.

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          Asheville has a great restaurant scene, and there are many, many posts on here. I encourage you to read through them, but some good places are The Admiral, Zambra, Curate, Tupelo Honey, White Duck Taco, The Junction, Bouchon and more...

    2. on the way from Atlanta to Asheville, check out Highlands and Cashiers NC. Nowhere near the restaurant towns that Asheville is, but nice stops none the less.

      Frankly, I don't usually have much luck finding good food in samll out of the way places, but you should do well in Atlanta and Asheville.

      I understand Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine is worth a detour, but haven't been.

      Flat Rock Village Bakery would be bit of a detour on the way from Highlands to Asheville, but if you're into seeing the Carl Sandburg home it might be worth it to have breakfast or lunch there on the magnolia shaded deck.

      another second hand rec...I'm told the food in Boone NC is pretty good. The mountains of western north carolina is lousy with spectacular scenery and hiking trails, so you'll have no trouble with that.

      1. Here's a few places to stop and rest on I 81. On up N on I 81 in Wytheville, VA stop at Smokey's BBQ at Exit 70 or 73. Peking Chinese Restaurant is outstanding also. C J's Pizza is good if you have kids.
        Smokey's BBQ @ 1090 East Main Street, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 9014.
        Peking Chinese Restaurant @ 105 Malin Drive, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 5515.
        C J's Pizza @ 1025 West Lee Highway, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 8448.
        In Fairlawn @ Exit 105 is Troy's Steaks and Pizza but it's 10 minutes or so W of I 81 and W of Radford in Fairlawn in town. Good place for road food.
        Troy's Steaks, Subs and Pizza @ 7339 Peppers Ferry Boulevard, Fairlawn, VA 540 - 731 - 4611.
        In Christiansburg just on up the road a piece is Dude's, Due South, Farm House and Summit. All are very good places to eat.
        Dude's Drive In @ 1505 Roanoke St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 7901.
        Due South BBQ @1465 Roanoke St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 381 - 2922.
        Farm House Food @ 285 Ridinger St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 4253. .
        Summit Restaurant @ 95 College St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 7218.
        Roanoke has quite a few nice restaurants but they are mostly in town. The restaurants near I 81 don't compare. If you should spend the night in Roanoke go check out these places for good road food. Blues BBQ, Fork in the Alley for pizza, burgers, sandwiches, Harbor Inn Seafood, Hollywood's Restaurant and Bakery for lunch/dinner, The Roanoker for breakfast and Wildwood Smokehouse BBQ.
        Blues BBQ @ 107 Market Street SE, Roanoke, VA 540 - 344 - 5683.
        Fork in the Alley @ 2123 Crystal Spring Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 540 - 982 - 3675.
        Harbor Inn Seafood @ 7416 Williamson Rd., Roanoke, VA 540 - 563 - 0001.
        Hollywood's Restaurant and Bakery @ 7770 Williamson Rd., Roanoke, VA 540 - 362 - 1812.
        The Roanoker Restaurant @ 2522 Colonial Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 540 - 344 - 7746.
        Wildwood Smokehouse @ 2041 Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 540 - 989 - 2100.
        The best option on I 81 near Roanoke, VA if you are trying to make good road time is Three Little Pigs at Daleville at Exit 150 5 miles N of Roanoke, VA. It's located in a small shopping center less than two minutes off W side of I 81 and serves great BBQ. It also has a very nice outdoor seating area and the menu includes sandwiches and salads for those who don't want BBQ. They also serve cold adult beverages. The shopping center has some very nice stores in case you are in need of road supplies. There are nice hotels on both sides of I 81 and a nice big truck stop to refuel and pick up road supplies. Three Little Pigs is a much better choice. Check it out next time you go by.
        Three Lil Pigs BBQ @ 120 Kingston Dr., Daleville, VA 540 - 966 - 0165.
        Get off I 81 at Exit 150B and go E to Highway 11. Turn left and go N a couple of miles to Pomegrante Restaurant for outstanding seafood and steaks for dinner.
        Pomegranate Restaurant @ 106 Stoney Battery Road, Troutville, VA 540 - 966 - 6052.
        Home Place is a great restaurant several miles W of I 81 W of Roanoke at Exit 141 serving outstanding country food, good fried chicken and deserts in an old home. Just E of Lexington at Exit 188AB Frank's for the Memorie's is a great place for good road food with great outdoor dining.
        Home Place Restaurant @ 4968 Catawba Valley Dr., Catawba, VA 540 - 384 - 7252.
        Frank's for the Memories BBQ @ 2117 Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista, VA 540 - 261 - 5553.
        Lexington, VA has a number of good restaurants like Bistro on Main for lunch/dinner, Macado's for sandwiches, Sheridan Livery Inn and Restaurant for lunch/dinner, The Palms for lunch/dinner and drinks and Soutern Inn for fine dining lunch/dinner. Lexington is the home of VMI and W&L U. It's a beautiful town a few minutes W of I 81 and worth a visit.
        Bistro on Main @ 8 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 4888.
        Macado's @ 30 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 8201.
        Sheridan Livery Inn & Restaurant @ 35 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 1887.
        The Palms Restaurant @ 101 West Nelson St., Lexington, VA 540 - 463 - 7911.
        Southern Inn Restaurant @ 37 South Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 463 - 3612.
        Staunton is just W of I 81 and a very nice town also. It's home to Mrs. Rowe's country food breakfast, lunch and dinner, Wright's Dairy Rite, Staunton Grocery for casual fine lunch/brunch/dinner and The Depot Grill.
        Mrs. Rowe's Family Restaurant @ 74 Rowe Rd., Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 1833.
        Wright's Dairy Rite @ 346 Greenville Ave., Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 0435.
        Staunton Grocery @ 105 West Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 6880.
        The Depot Grill @ 42 Middlebrook Ave., Staunton, VA 540 - 885 - 7332.
        Harrisonburg has quite a few fine restaurants convenient to I 81. There are BBQ Ranch, Calley's Restaurant and Brewing Co. for good BBQ also, Dave's Downtown Tavern for good food and drinks, Donna Rosa for good Mexican, Jess' Quick Lunch, Joshua Wilton House Inn and Restaurant, Little Grill for breakfast, Local Chop and Grill House for fine dining, Smoking Pig BBQ and Village Inn.
        BBQ Ranch @ 3311 N Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 3296.
        Cally's Restaurant and Brewing Co. @ 41 A Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 8777.
        Dave's Downtown Taverna @ 121 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 564 - 1487.
        Dona Rosa @ 43 Linda Lane, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 442 - 7672.
        Jess' Quick Lunch @ 22 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 434 - 8282.
        Joshua Wilton House @ 412 South Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 4464.
        Little Grill @ 621 North Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 3594.
        Local Chop and Grill House @ 56 West Gay St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 801 - 0505.
        Smoking Pig @ 56 East Wolfe St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 433 - 3917. I81/EXIT247AB.
        The Village Inn @ 4979 South Valley Pike - S Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 7355.
        Just up I 81 a few miles is Southern Kitchen serving outstanding country food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Exit 264.
        Southern Kitchen @ 9576 South Congress St., New Market, VA 540 - 740 - 3514.

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          Is that all? LOL. Southern Kitchen is definitely worth a visit, Great Fried Chicken - Broasted actually, Chicken Livers are great as well - as is the Peanut Soup.

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            We are heading out tomorrow morning with your list pasted to the front page of our travel folder. To date, we are staying in Highlands, Asheville and Blowing Rock. The rest of the trip is open until we get to DC. Great advice from everyone, thanks.