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Feb 27, 2012 12:42 PM

Suffolk Couny - 60th Birthday celebration

We are looking to plan a surprise 60th with about 40 guests attending. Unfortunately, the dates we need are very popular and everything we can think of is BOOKED! So...give me your favorite places in Suffolk (prefer Commack, DP, Smithtown, Hauppauge, etc areas) I will try anything and everything at this point! Here are some of the places we've already seen/contacted and couldn't get the date or didn't like (there are more but I can't remember all of them)

The View
Casa Rustica
Jonathan's Ristorante
La Famiglia
San Marco
25 and Main
Kitchen A Bistro (Orto)

What else do you have for me?!?! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Osteria da Nino, Porto Vivo in Huntington village? What about Amicale, where Panama Hatties used to be? Crew Kitchen and Bar in Halesite? (Haven't eaten at this one). Mirabelle or Mirabelle Tavern? Maroni Cuisine, Northport? The new J. MIchael's Tuscan Steak House, Northport?

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      Thank you! Mirabelle is on my list of places to see - I'm headed there tonight in fact. I will look up the others. Thanks again!!

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        Good luck, hope you have a great event!

    2. Papa Joe's on Commack Road opposite the Tanger Outlets in Deer Park has a large party room and decent, though not spectacular, Italian-American cooking. It's not as upscale as the places on your lost, to be sure.

      Other ideas: Jewel in Melville, Blackstone's in Melville, Insignia in Smithtown, Four Food Studio in Melville,

      1. Have you been to The Riverhead Project? they have a private room with it's own bar int the vault.

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          Highly reccoment tRP, The Riverhead Project. Fabulous food and space for a private party.

        2. Mannino's in Commack, Garden Grill in Smithown does nice parties, Casa Rustics in Smithtown, or maybe Insignia in Hauppauge (may be pricey but in line with Pace's),