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Feb 27, 2012 12:17 PM

Did I Season My de Buyer Carbon Steel Wok Pan Properly?

Here's what I did per the instructions:

I rinsed it in hot water.

I boiled potato skins for five minutes.

Threw them away, heated oil high in Omega-3 (Smart Balance I believe) for five minutes.

Threw it away, wiped it with a towel.

This photo is what I got after doing the potatoes. This came before the oil. I haven't seen anything indicating that this is right.

In case you've seen me elsewhere, yes, I have a thread for whether or not I ruined my Le Creuset and Staub pans as well. I'm an intelligent person, but I literally feel like this pan mess is Rocket Science. It's getting very frustrating to work out and I am about to give up and go to Target for a cheap pan every month.

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  1. Firstly, to set you mind at ease - it's close to impossible to ruin a carbon steel pan. Your pan looks fine. I have only a passing knowledge of de Buyer pans. Others, have a lot of experience. They would like to know exactly, what de Buyer pans you have.

    Prior to seasoning, did you clean it, and burn it in. If you haven't, not to worry, it's still possible - no harm done.

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    1. re: rosetown

      I rinsed it in hot water just as it directed, but I did not clean it.

      What do you mean "burn it in?"

    2. "Did I Season My de Buyer Carbon Steel Wok Pan Properly?"

      Based on the photo and your description, I say you have removed some of the original coating on the pan, which is a good thing, but the pan is NOT seasoned, not the way how most people define it.

      You will have to heat oil (a thin layer) to season a carbon steel or cast iron cookware. A seasoned carbon steel wok should be dark brown if not black:

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        That's what I was thinking, that it doesn't look like the photos of seasoned pans. But as I mentioned, I did heat a thin layer of oil for five minutes.

        What to do from there?

        1. re: KateBristow

          I would heat the oil until the pan acquire a light brown to dark brown color. A few good videos:

      2. I might be wrong but I remember reading that the potato boiling practice/ritual does nothing toward seasoning it.

        The more you cook in it the better the seasoning will get. After cooking just rinse it with warm water using a dish-washing brush. Then dry immediately and thoroughly.

        Have you tried cooking in it so far? How does it perform?

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        1. re: iliria

          I did notice a colour change after I boiled potatoes in my pan. I think it helps to clean the pan and get it ready for seasoning rather than actually helping to season it, so I'd keep doing it if I got any new pans.