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Feb 27, 2012 12:01 PM

Neilio's Lexington is a Gem

Don't think this place has ever gotten a post of it's own, though numerous mentions in threads about pastrami or sandwiches...

Monday thru Friday
7:00 am to 6:30pm
Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

I had to be in Lexington, I'm NEVER in Lexington, but as I drove by I saw the sign... "that's the place the hounds have mentioned."

And I was very sad to recall that it was not pastrami day (Thursday). But it was fresh roast leg of lamb day.

This place is just plain excellent. Tons of good, freshly made chow. Menu changes every day. Focus on roast meats and sandwiches all done on the premises. Death to Boarshead!

I saw 30+ fresh roasted turkeys right out of the oven. The sides are killer. The quality is top notch.

There is a stand up counter if you want to eat there, otherwise takeout.

The lamb was juicy and perfect. I had sides of mac and cheese and string beans, also excellent. Can't wait to return on pastrami day.

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  1. I really like Neillo's, too. The turkey sandwiches are top notch, too. They slice the warm turkey to order and the bread is fresh. The Thanksgiving sandwich is terrific with lots of mayo. There's is about the only deli turkey I buy for sandwiches at home.

    I've yet to try the pastrami, but will do so soon. Warmed on an Iggy's French roll, with swiss and dijon. Mmmmm......

    It's great on a warm summer night to get prepared foods from Neillio's and a bottle of wine from Busa next door, and then head to the DeCordova for a relaxed picnic.

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      Every day is Turkey Terrific day. Best sandwich ever.

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        Thanks for the DeCordova idea. I'm always looking for places for lunch/dinner when we are up there.

        1. re: viperlush

          I'm always surprised that more people don't picnic there. It's great for young families (our kids are grown) since the kids can run around, and the sculptures are fun. The grounds are just gorgeous. It's also okay to bring wine, which you can't do on public property.

          Just make sure you get there after 5:00 or you'll have to pay to get in the sculpture park.

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            Yeah, it is a nice place to picnic (so was Drumlin when we were members). The BF gets in free through his company, so when the weather is nice we will pick up sandwiches at Wilson farm. Since it's not an area that we spend much time in it's nice knowing that there are other options.

      2. They have my favorite Thanksgiving sandwich around. Excellent salad bar too. We always try to stop by for lunch after a WIlson's Farm trip. That counter is always open for eating in.

          1. Glad to hear its still great. 10-15 or so years ago, i used to go there at least weekly for lunch. It was simply called "gourmet kitchen" back then but same deal. Turkey Terrific sandwiches.. Daily roasted meats with sides. Pork loin, roast beef, turkey, etc. etc.. Line was often quite long at lunch time but moved quickly.

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              Neillio's bought Gourmet Farms several years ago, including many of their recipes. The Turkey Terrific was an essential element in the sale.

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                Fondly remembering the French couple who owned it then. They managed to create amazing examples of ordinary dishes, like meatloaf, fried fish. And the Turkey Terrific of course.

              2. They also offer the pastrami on Saturday. What a treat! I love this sandwich on marble rye. For a more everyday option, I like the roasted turkey sandwich with cranberry and mayo, no stuffing. The staff is really great here.

                Neillios Gourmet Farm
                53 Bedford St, Lexington, MA

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                  Try the grilled Reuben! We do a 50/50 because we can't choose a favorite.........1/2 a turkey terrific and 1/2 of a Reuben. Bliss.

                  1. re: tweetie

                    Or a turkey Reuben! My personal favorite.

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                    marisa, the turkey is pink? not dry?that would be so great. WF is always dry so i never get it anymore.thx much

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      The turkey is neither dry nor pink. It is generally cooked perfectly. It is cooked through though.

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                        I got a turkey sandwich at Nelio's yesterday - it was dry - and barely enough meat to cover a braided sub roll. I've had some good things there over the years - lamb and pastrami, and some things just wrong - brisket sliced with the grain and leftover lamb from a previous day that was all dried out, but most is just mediocre.

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                          I worked nearby for a few years and probably ate there once a week or so in that time. While it's certainly possible to have an off day from time to time, I never had that experience with their turkey myself. YMMV.

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                            Not enough meat is not an issue I have ever had there, but I admittedly like reasonably sized portions as I have no self control. If anything, I am usually removing some meat from their sandwiches.

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                              I am surprised at the raves for this place. I used to eat there once a week when I had a contract job nearby. I never had anything that was an OMG experience. Simply ok.