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Feb 27, 2012 11:30 AM

help a New Orleanian!

Greetings Portland 'Hounders! I'm coming later this week to visit my brother. OK, let me be honest: he has all these opinions on where and where not to eat, but he rarely eats out! I turned HIM on to Le Pigeon when it first opened, for heaven's sake. I've been with him in the past 4-5 years to Paley's, Higgins (still open?), and Le Pigeon, with the rest low-key places whose names I forget.

What are a few "don't miss!" restaurants you'd recommend? Also, any suggestion for your favorite food truck would be appreciated. That's my next hurdle! Sigh...

Thanks much!

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    This recent thread has a nice summary of restaurants...
    Right now Chiang Mai is a place I keep going back to.

    My fav food trucks - lotsa locations...
    Korean Twist - Downtown
    Lardo (porkiness) and Kitchen Dances (vegan) - NE 42 and Belmont
    Big Egg - Mississippi

    1. I just ate @ Aviary and it was spectacular
      Tasty and Sons for Brunch ( lines..but worth it)
      Viking Soul food ..lefse wraps!!! truck

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        Thanks you guys! I need to get him out of his comfort zone, hopefully my citing the stellar taste of the 'Hounders will get him to try something different.

      2. Good luck!!! my other favorite food truck is Cocina de Chepe El salvadorian food...however it is out of the way( 10st & SE Stark) so you may not get him there..but the pupusas are heavenly
        also Tabor ...downtown has a fried muenster sandwich...which is so, so good!!!!

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          Well, I didn't make it to any food trucks, much to my chagrin. But on the plus side, boy, did I do a one-two punch: dinner at Noisette on Friday, followed by Le Pigeon on Saturday. At the former, we had an 8-course tasting menu that was, frankly, spectacular. LP was, well, LP, so much fun, such creative flavor combinations. You guys are lucky to have so many great places. Back home to the humidity!

        2. Thanks for reporting back! Were there any stand-outs @ Noisette?

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            Hey cheese, sorry, I didn't see your post earlier. My favorite courses were the chanterelle mushroom soup with pumpkinseed oil and creme fraiche drizzled on top, the lobster with golden beets and Anjou pears, the smoked white sturgeon with fingerling potatoes, and the risotto with Oregon black truffles, hedgehog mushrooms and English peas. Other courses were solid, but these were the best, to me. Wonderful meal!

            1. re: sanglier

              Wow!!!! drooling....that sounds amayzing....thank I really have to go there!