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Feb 27, 2012 10:58 AM

Can you help me narrow the following list of 11 restaurants down to 8?

After extensive research I have decided that these 11 restaurants would be wonderful dining experiences. I have included our potential lunch spots as well if that helps you to narrow down our dining options. Greatly appreciate any feedback you have on my list.

La Pergola
il pagliaccio
Trattoria Monti
Al Ceppo
Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
Al Moro
Dal Cavalier Gino

Lunch stops:
Il Leoncino

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  1. Well, you've got a good variety. Metamorfosi and Pagliaccio are pretty cutting-edge for Rome, and to that group you could add Pipero, certainly more centrally located than Metamorfosi and I think better. I'm not enamored of Perilli, Costanza, and Gino. Also Fori Imperiali (went once and my husband didn’t like it so never returned). Never been to Renella. Colline Emiliane is rich food. Lunch there means you want a light dinner, if any. Al Moro is dicey. When it's good, it's very good, but they can be snooty and not very good too.

    1. I can help you excluding two of the selected dinners:
      - one of the three high-end restaurant. I'd keep La Pergola that is the top restaurant in Rome according to everybody and Metamorfosi where you can experience a great contemporary creative food in a less formal environment. Consequently I'd leave out Il Pagliaccio.
      - one between Trattoria Monti and Al Ceppo. Both have cuisine mainly inspired by Marche region and one of the two can be enough in my opinion.

      Concerning your lunch stops I'm not a fan of La Renella. It's a place that can be attractive for tourists because of the rustic ambience but pizza and bread quality is in the average and hygiene it's not all it should be. In Trastevere area I prefer Sisini (via S. Francesco a Ripa) where you can find a nice pizza by the slice and some of the best supplì (rice croquette deep fried) you can find in Rome. Shop sign is just "Il supplì".

      Enjoy Rome and its food!


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        Thank you both for your feedback! Looking forward to my travels, but mostly the food.

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          i'd ditch la pergola altogether and sub in pipero al rex. metamorfosi is great. il pagliaccio is amazing but not everyone's cup of tea and as tavole romane says you can do without. la renella is forgettable but forno roscioli is not and is a great place to stop for a quick lunch. bear in mind it is packed from 1-2 but before and after the lunch rush it's much easier to find stools at the back to sit on. im with maureen on Perilli, Costanza, Gino, moro and Fori Imperiali. felice was awful on a trip last summer and i dont get the hype. id throw in tuna or il san lorenzo for fish (based on some of the places listed above i take it you are not on a strict budget; these places are expensive so expect to spend ~ €70-100 per person). i would throw in roscioli for burrata, carbonara and cacio e pepe and l'arcangelo for suppli' and gnocchi (thursdays only). don't forget gelato. neve di latte, il gelato di claudio torce', fatamorgana, and gori are rome's best IMO

      2. I'd agree that Pagliaccio is not for every one (we felt they tried to hard to come up with wierd interpretations of classics--something that can be fantastic or just weird). Also, I'd agree with Pipero al Rex as a must. I also think Da Felice is not to be missed (though be prepared for gruff service) and don't go unless you want to have their Cacio al pepe; which is the best in town. Finally, I'd skip Colline Emiliane. First of all, I think it is just okay--though plenty of people like it. Secondly, if you want food from that region, I recommend eating it in that region, where it is, frankly, better.