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Feb 27, 2012 10:33 AM

ISO Farofa/Manioc Flour

Tried all the main chains, as well as several independent grocers - no luck. Anyone know of a source? Will travel anywhere on the island.

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  1. Try calling a store that carries Latin/South American products, like Che Churros (Somerled near Cavendish, NDG - ) or Librairie Espagnole on St-Laurent Blvd. -

    1. I believe you are referring to yuca starch? If so, then it's available at Sabor Latino on Belanger. My husband is Colombian and we buy yuca starch to make pan de yuca and pan de bono. The pan de yuca is made with a sour yuca starch. Both varieties are available at Sabor.

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        Thanks to you both. Sabor Latino on Belanger had it (although the one on St. Laurent did not). Also happy to discover Che Churro in my neighbourhood, will be back there soon for sure!