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Feb 27, 2012 10:29 AM

Can't get my counter clean

Hello all
We moved into a new Condo last year and unforunately the kitchen has those plastic counters (not even sure what the material is called but I'm sure you all remember them). The last condo we renovated we put in granite counters and they were a joy to clean, but we haven't gotten around to changing the counter in the new place yet and I have to say I hate the darn thing.
It is straight black which means it shows even the tiniest grain of salt, and it never seems to get clean.
When I bought the place they left behind this aerosol bottle of counter cleaner that seemed to work a bit, but I have run out and can't seem to find anymore anywhere.
Yesterday I rolled a lemon on the counter to get it ready to juice and I have been trying to get rid of the mark it left on the counter but it won't seem to come off. It didn't stain it but when you look at the counter you can see where the wax from the lemon has marked the counter.
Any cleaning suggestions

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    1. Formica says to use a vegetable brush and dish detergent.

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        We installed a plain gray laminate almost 20 years ago and it still looks fine. One thing that might reassure you is that some stains or marks on laminate tend to disappear over time but not immediately. We freaked out when we got red wine on it, and another time ink from a stamp pad. A couple of weeks later, with only our regular counter cleaning (dish detergent, sponge) they were no longer visible.

        It's funny what laminate will pick up. Ours also picks up the purple ink from grocery receipts, if they get wet. These disappear too.

        I'm more concerned about what takes off kitchen grime. Any hints?

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            Try the Mr. Clean Magic like a charm.

            1. re: Sydneyeats

              Magic Erasers changed my life. Really! They are so good at so many things.

              1. re: CanadaGirl

                For real! I lived in a rental that had white counter tops (brillliant move on the part of the landlord, BTW), and the eraser was the only thing that worked.

                1. re: topbanana

                  I have a white fridge and the Magic Eraser is the only way I've been able to keep the textured, white, plastic handle clean.

              2. re: Sydneyeats

                Darn ... I was hoping to write this first. But at least I can also throw my support behind it. What also works pretty well for deep cleaning is oxy-clean, since it's the same technology. Just take some and mix it into a paste.

                Now if you ever stain marble or stone, first try the magic sponge but if that doesn't work, Aquamix makes a special nano cleaner designed for stone.

          2. It's still not at all clear what your counter material is. Is it laminate (Formica or other brands), or is it a solid-surface material like Corian? Sounds like Corian to me, in that ordinary cleaners (i.e. water and a little soap, with baking soda for tough spots) will do the job for Formica.

            I'd try a paper towel dampened with warm water, sprinkled with a tiny bit of dishwashing soap and some baking powder, on your lemon-wax smudge. Rinse with a clean dampened paper towel.

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              It is Formica, I had just forgotten what you call it. I will try the magic eraser as regular soap leaves streaks and marks.

                1. re: delys77

                  Unless it was already in bad shape, I've never found Formica hard to keep clean with a little soap and elbow grease. Trying to understand what you are dealing with that is so tough...the lemon mark is hard to imagine being indelible.