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Feb 27, 2012 10:25 AM


I must say that I cant remember worse serve than recently experienced at Fig and Olive and that sentiment seems to be repeated by almost everyone I know who has been there. The venue is very nice and the food, if and when it comes, is good, but the service is horrific. Absolutely not worth it and does not seem to be improving. Wont be back.

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  1. Every single service interaction you had was horrific? Or some were okay and others were horrific? Or?

    1. Really?

      Can you please expand on what happened to result in you giving such a review?

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        Our problem was with a particular waitress who came to our table three times to take the same order. Kept forgetting she had been there. Starters and main course came at the same time. Had to request bread 3 times. The mains were taken back and then forgotten. Later a kitchen expiditor came over and again asked what our main order was as the server may have been confused. Gave it again. Just then the first server returned to confirm the main course order. Waited another 45 minutes and told them to forget it and left. It was almost funny. Felt punked.
        Two days later I spoke to a friend who had been there for a party. He did not know of our experience. Said that the service was so bad that no one at the table enjoyed the evening or would ever return.

        1. re: BSW6490

          Wow...never been my experience and the food is wonderful.

          Did you speak with the manager during/after all this chaos?

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            Yikes, that sounds awful and quite possibly rivals an experience I had at Providence last summer in which the server made placing an order unimaginably difficult.


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              The question remains...what did the manager/owner have to say about your lackluster experience?
              I had entire glass of red wine dumped all over me by a waiter at my favorite BH spot and I still go back for the wonderful food/ambiance and service. This particular server also made things pretty miserable throughout the meal. Things happen in the industry that none of us enjoy and a talk with the manager, quietly and discretely, brings attention to the problem.

              1. re: latindancer

                How do you expect to be taken seriously in this town if you come at things with such an intelligent, calm and logical demeanor? ;-D>

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                  Well, part of the problem was neither the general manager nor the executive chef were in that night.

                  I eventually called the restaurant a week later, and the general manger apologized, but--forgive the platitude--the damage had already been done.

                  1. re: degustingdiary

                    With all due respect, having read your long and involved blog regarding some quite remarkable and beautiful food, I'm not sure how I'd let the experience you've described ruin my love of one of LA's favorites.
                    A very common practice is to simply ask for a favorite server when either making the reservation or arriving at the restaurant. From what you say on your blog you're a regular at many of these restaurants and they all know you, right?
                    Regardless, I'd feel pretty happy/lucky to be dining the way you do and one small incidence, apparently rectified after you'd complained, would have been forgotten. Just my opinion in the grand scheme of things..

                    1. re: latindancer

                      Point taken. And apparently, it could have been worse--as your experience at a Beverly Hills establishment illustrates--but no one was ham-handed enough to pour wine on us.

                      1. re: degustingdiary

                        Actually, this thread has given me pause for thought. Perhaps I'll go back to the new espresso shop, I've been to 3 times to see if things have changed, and talk to the owner(s) about how irritating it is that they don't turn their machines on until opening time. It's not too much to ask, in my opinion, to be able to order a cappuccino @ 8am to get some really good coffee on my walk.
                        Also, I can't figure out, in a nice way, how to tell a server that telling me I'm ordering too much food is highly inappropriate. I just have to weigh the situation and try and figure out if they're trying to do me a favor or telling me I'm eating too much.
                        I do my yoga and I don't think I'm too overweight...oh, maybe I could lose 5 pounds :).

          2. Actually, there is more to the story. We asked for the bill and said we were not going to stay. When the server finally brought the bill it had all of the courses on it. When we pointed out that we had never been served, she said "well dont you want them?" We said no. She went to get the bill revised. After 10 min and two more requests she still had not returned. Finally, I took cash out of my pocket and placed it on the table and was going to leave when the manager came over. He was apologetic and insisted that we not pay for the meal which was nice. He also gave me his card and said he would call or email me the next day to follow up, which I also thought was nice. The next day I sent him an email recapping events and telling him that the first time at Fig had been so good that I had made a very positive post here. No reply. Later that day after hearing from my friend about their experience, I sent him another email telling him about it. Both were nice and intended to be constructive. Now 4 days have past and never a reply. That is why I reluctantly chose to post this topic. Its too bad because it is a lovely room and the food can be good. The bad service and lack of follow through is just too much however.

            1. Can't believe it. We've been several times and have always had excellent food and wonderful service. Our only complaint which I've posted elsewhere is the incredibly loud music and resulting loud conversation which makes the restaurant often uncomfortable (the atrium is much better). But food and service are always great!

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              1. re: josephnl

                I think we've had this back-and-forth before, but - the service there does tend to be pretty bad. Downright rude at the hostess stand, in my limited experience.

                1. re: Papuli

                  We had a similar bad experience in our one and only time at Fig and Olive as well. The tip off should have been when it took several minutes to even move beyond the hostess station as no one was there to seat us. We made eye contact with several servers but they just ignored us. Even though there were plenty of tables available, they tried to stick us right by the door where you get a blast of chilly air every time the door opens. Then it took a long to even take our order, but the guy would only take drinks even though we told him we had already decided what to order. The appetizers were fine, but there was another uncomfortably long wait between the appetizers and main course. The service was spotty and inattentive. The empty water glasses sat there and sat there and sat there. The tip reflected the level of service, which we did bring to the attention to the manager. He apologized very insincerely and then bade us good night. No thanks to this overpriced restaurant.

              2. I'm surprised by the stories of bad service. My one experience was during this last restaurant week. I went with a group of four and thought service was excellent. In fact, I thought they were during a surprisingly good job given the size of the restaurant and how busy they were that night (final night of restaurant week). The only complaint was that we were about 15 minutes late being seated, though we were pretty happy with our drinks at the bar while waiting. They also accomidated our request of being seated in a quietersection of the restaurant.

                However, I can certainly see how service could quickly fall apart given the size of the place.

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                1. re: jsandler

                  went once a few months ago. will never return. same general issues as noted above--attitude at the hostess station, long wait despite reservation, flaky server ignored our table for half hour, then took order and disappeared for another half hour, food was fine, but came out all at once, etc.

                  too bad, as the space was actually really attractive. and i should know, as i spent over an hour doing little other than looking around there. very difficult to get drinks.

                  great idea by OP to pay cash in situations like this...i wish i had thought of that...i wanted to leave and tried to pay, but then server disappeared with my credit card and never reappeared. when i tracked her down, she had no recollection of anything and denied taking my card.

                  i finally got it about a half hour later--at the bar!

                  there you have it...our night at fig and olive.