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Hamentaschen in D.C.?

Can anybody recommend a source of good ones? A place that makes their own would be ideal, but would also be interested in knowing some recommend brands of prepackaged ones.

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  1. Kosher Mart in rockville as well as Shalom Kosher Market in Wheaton both have them

    1. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Giant would all have them near Purim

      1. Shalom Market. We got married on Purim last year and their hamantaschen were our favors - they were yummy.

        Goldman's Kosher Bakery is where I would go, though, to get them if distance (within reason) weren't an issue. That place is DELICIOUS.

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          This is great! I am not Jewish (just a good Long Island girl!) and I have been dying for Hamentaschen, fresh from a bakery. Going to check out Shalom and Kosher Mart

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                Felt like I was in Bergen County on a Sunday.

        2. Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington has them year round -- even mun!

          Pretty sure Wegmans has them too -- they always have a nice array of baked goods from NYC, such as Green's babka.

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              Don't worry, they have prune too!

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                What is mun? Haven't even heard of that before.

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                I love the poppy seed ones..... they are hardest to find.

              3. Shaloms has the best hamentashen in the area hands down. If you go on-line to a kosher food website buy the ones from either Butterflake, or the five towns.

                1. Original poster here. Guess I wasn't clear -- when I said D.C., I didn't mean the metropolitan area, I meant within the city limits. Living without a car, it's hard to get to Shalom or Heidelberg.

                  I actually did find some at the little Brookeville market in Cleveland Park that caters to the Adas Israel community. Brand name is Oberland, and they're surprisingly good. The small box contains a mix of strawberry and apricot -- no poppyseed, alas; I agree with Milocat that those are the best.

                  Also just discovered that the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center is holding a hamentaschen baking workshop on Monday. My husband and I are planning to go. Anybody want to join us and make it a party?

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                    Shalom is 2 blocks from wheaton redline metro stop

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                      If you need a lot of them, Shalom's delivers (which they did for my wedding).

                    2. Breads Unlimited in Bethesda--a few blocks from the metro but not a bad walk--has good ones. My favorites are the poppy seed.

                      1. Although I understand that the op was strictly looking at DC and not the MD suburbs, a place in Montgomery County which has not been mentioned is the Pastry Oven in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center in Silver Spring. I pretty sure, based on past experience, that you can get great Hamentaschen there as well.

                        1. Bethesda Bagels in Dupont (and, I assume, in Bethesda) will have them tomorrow. They say they will offer poppyseed, apple, almond, raspberry and chocolate. Based on the quality of their other products, I have high hopes.

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                            niiice! if only they had cherry! But I should buy some and freeze them so hubby can have some when he's home from AFG in a few days - they were our wedding favor, so obviously have a special place in our hearts!

                            I LOVE Bethesda Bagel. Dangerous to live so closely to it

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                              Jeserf --

                              Actually, I'm pretty sure they did tell me they had cherry, but I forgot to include it in the list I posted.

                          2. I just bought two dozen at Royal Bagel in Germantown.

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                              How are the bagels there? Have yet to find any
                              Impressive ones down here. Actually gave up years ago and just wait until I go up for a visit.