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Feb 27, 2012 10:14 AM

Hamentaschen in D.C.?

Can anybody recommend a source of good ones? A place that makes their own would be ideal, but would also be interested in knowing some recommend brands of prepackaged ones.

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  1. Kosher Mart in rockville as well as Shalom Kosher Market in Wheaton both have them

    1. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Giant would all have them near Purim

      1. Shalom Market. We got married on Purim last year and their hamantaschen were our favors - they were yummy.

        Goldman's Kosher Bakery is where I would go, though, to get them if distance (within reason) weren't an issue. That place is DELICIOUS.

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          This is great! I am not Jewish (just a good Long Island girl!) and I have been dying for Hamentaschen, fresh from a bakery. Going to check out Shalom and Kosher Mart

              1. re: angelvanity

                Felt like I was in Bergen County on a Sunday.

        2. Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington has them year round -- even mun!

          Pretty sure Wegmans has them too -- they always have a nice array of baked goods from NYC, such as Green's babka.

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              Don't worry, they have prune too!

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                What is mun? Haven't even heard of that before.

              2. re: Bob W

                I love the poppy seed ones..... they are hardest to find.

              3. Shaloms has the best hamentashen in the area hands down. If you go on-line to a kosher food website buy the ones from either Butterflake, or the five towns.