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Feb 27, 2012 10:05 AM

Recs for Sanata Marta Colombia, Arequipa and Lima

I am going to be going to Santa Marta Colombia to hike and was wondering if there was any specific restaruants I must try or places/things to eat.

Afterwards ill be heading to Arequipa and Lima in Peru. I have been to Lima and I am interested in any picanterias that I should speciically seek out in Arequipa, maybe one that does pork really well.

In Lima, I already have a reservation at Pescado this time and I was wondering about AmorAmar in Baranco and if anybody has been there? Is it a typical ceviche place, meaning only open during the day? Anybody have any dinner suggestions? Do not care if it is fancy/high class, pretty much good food. Ill be in the Miraflores area, staying at the Marriott.

My previous trip in Lima i went to Mercardo, salon Capon and the centrale market, and only tried pardos for pollo la brasa.

thanks in advance.

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  1. We just got back from Santa Marta. We were only there for 3 nights, and didn't do a lot of serious eating there, but we did enjoy Agave Azul in Santa Marta. I know it's Mexican and not Colombian, but we really enjoyed our dinner there. I had pescado blanco with those little yellow potatoes (roasted) that they grow in Colombia, served on a tomato & avocado salad. Delicious! Also had a great sandwich at a place called Delicentro Bavaro - local place, very basic, but the sandwiches are good (and huge). We ordered a cubano and split it between the 2 of us. For 12,000 COP, it was a deal.

    1. In Santa Marta, Rodadero and vicinity you won't find many unique places to eat, so just try to find a really good parrillada or bandeja paisa near where you are staying. The usual breakfast staples like arepa, buñuelo, almojabana, tamal, etc. are also worth seeking out. As always just ask some locals for advice, like a taxi or bus driver, or one of your tour guides who are local.

      In Santa Marta there is an Arabic restaurant that serves some shanklish based dishes along with other good stuff. If I were in Santa Marta I would definitely have at least one meal there.

      1. thanks! in Santa Marta, is the main market or whatever worth seeking out and/or eating from?

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          There is a "sanandresito" but it's mostly clothes, electronics and such, not much in the way of food. People who did go found a good bandeja paisa lunch there, but I don't have the details.

          Also (not related to the market question) if you go to one of the beaches in Parque Tayrona there will be restaurants directly on the beach where they serve fried fish with coconut rice, possibly beans, plantain, yuca etc., a typical kind of lunch also worth having at least once.