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Feb 27, 2012 10:02 AM

Santa Cruz/101 South Farmer's Markets

Hi Hounds; family and I are taking a kid's karate tournament/gymnastics meet road trip to Santa Cruz, then down the coast to San Luis Obispo. Anyone know of any farmer's/grower's markets this time of year? Interesting markets or holes in the wall? Thanks

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  1. Though fewer in number than during the summer, there are still plenty of farmers markets in the Santa Cruz area this time of year. What day of the week will you be in the area?

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      Down to Santa Cruz Friday, spending the night, leaving for San Luis Obispo around 1 pm, heading back north Sunday. Thanks

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        Saturday morning there are two choices: a smaller one on the Westside:

        and the larger one in Aptos:

        If you specifically want produce, eggs, meats, flowers, etc, then Aptos is your best bet. If you will mainly get prepared foods, then you could consider Westside -- no fresh oysters, but Garcia Mexican Kitchen, Rib King, River St Cafe and Bakery and Companion Bakers are, as a group, superior to the options in Aptos IMO.


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          Aptos@ Cabrillo College is not to be missed: jug band, seafood, breads, flowers, veggies, TONS of CCOG vendors, berries, cheeses, kraut, fresh Eurpean style pastries, coffees, THE best ocastal FM I've ever been to, hands down.

          There is a big Sat A.M. FM in SLO, at the shopping center on Madonna Rd, near Cost Plus. But it starts at 8 goes till 10:30. Better, foodwise, than the Thurs nite street fair downtown. There is a small market in Arroyo Grande Sat. at noon, but not much specialty stuff of note. Then Sun morning late there is a FM on Tank Farm Rd (just round the corner from TJ's location on So Higuera) but I'd say skip it and enjoy the morning out at the beach in Morro Bay, just north of downtown and The Rock. Wide flat strolling beach for some excercise before the long drive home.

          Be aware that Highway 1 has a light controlled construction at the Rain Rocks area going on between Carmel and Big Sur--some traffic delays.

    2. Sat AM - Huge, delicious & fun Farmer's Market at Cabrillo College on Soquel .. totally worth it!