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Feb 27, 2012 09:33 AM

Where to get the best beef jerky in the Twin Cities?

I love me some beef jerky. I'm not talking the BS that you can buy at the gas station, I'm talking REAL, fresh (kind of a contradiction of terms, I know) beef jerky. I usually get it at Mike's Butcher Shop in West Saint Paul, and it's pretty damn good. But I really haven't ventured out to see what other places have to offer.

Just wondering if anybody has suggestions as to where to get my grubbly little hands on some of the GOOD stuff.

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  1. Bah. I'm incapable of getting the advance search to work, but there was a pretty good beef jerky thread on the old General Midwest Archive board. It's a couple of years old, now, but it might be worth perusing until some others jump in with some fresh recommendations!

    EDIT: Google to the rescue. Here's that old thread (from 2007! wow!)


      1. They aren't in the Twin Cities, but if you are willing to drive for it:

        -Thielen Meats in Little Falls:
        -Schmidt's Meat Market in Nicollet:

        Nobody else comes close to these two temples to meat....

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        1. re: Db Cooper

          Db Cooper, do these two companies sell their products through anyone in the Twin Cities? Seward or Clancy's or something like that?


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            There's two Thielen's Meats. The "original" is in Pierz, and started in 1922. The one in Little Falls was started by one of the 3rd generation Thielens in 1990. I think there's a little more to it than that (from what' I've heard). They are run completely separately, and the only link is in the name.

            I've never been to the one in Little Falls, but the one in Pierz is excellent. I've had a variety of their products, but alas, never their jerky. If their jerky is as good as any of their other products, though, it will be top notch.

            There are places in the TC that carry Thielen's Meats of Pierz products - I've seen their bacon at Lunds, and I believe at the Wedge. Seward may also carry their stuff. I know I've seen it elsewhere, but can't remember where. Also, Thielen's of Pierz does ship overnight. For jerky only, they might drop their shipping rate. If not, I'd get some steaks, bacon, and sausage to justify the overnight shipping costs.

            Lastly, I don't want to start a Pierz vs Little Falls "who's better" debate, but people do run strong about which one they prefer. The one in Pierz has been around for almost 100 years. Just sayin'.

            1. re: foreverhungry

              Yeah the Pierz location is the one that has achieved the notoriety. Both are good but its the one in Pierz that made the name. That's where I go when up thata way.

        2. Everett's at 38th Street/Cedar Av S has tasty beef & turkey jerky
          Finer's at 38th Street/Nicollet Av S has spicy & regular beef jerky, which is also tasty

          1. Dixie's on Grand Ave in St Paul has very good jerky.

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            1. re: BatMan

              How odd. Is it served as an appetizer or something? It's not really something I think of as a restaurant dish!


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                They have it in jars at the bar or you can get it packaged. Great salty treat to munch on while sipping a beer.