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Feb 27, 2012 09:22 AM

Best grocery options between Nassau and Atlantis/PI

Heading back to Atlantis in March and would like to pick up some groceries on the way from the airport - mostly interested in produce (mainly fruit plus salad fixings), cheese, milk, eggs, crackers, snacks, water, etc. Possibly a bit of meat to cook as well.

Would Super Value in Cable Beach be our best option? How is the quality of their produce? What about the produce from the various street vendors I remember seeing last time we were there? Does Balduccino's make sense as an added destination (or instead of) - is it even along the way?


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  1. ... based on my impression of your food style from your postings on the Ont/GTA board, pp, I think you may really enjoy a trip to ... you can eat there or just shop for produce and other grocery items in their country store

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      Looks lovely but...spendy? Just a hunch based on their note about gourmet yacht provisioning...:)? I don't know the Bahamas well, beyond the route from the Nassau airport to PI - is this along the way or a side trip?

      You're probably right that it's a place that I would like - and thank you for taking the time to check out my vibe on the Ontario board! - but for this particular outing, with the kids, I'd like to stay pretty close to the Nassau-Atlantis route and ideally not pay crazy prices. Most of what I'm looking for are basic groceries (eggs, milk, cheese, crackers, etc.), though we just found out that we'll be hosting a dinner for friends on our second night so the idea of some gourmet-ish nibbles, and some fresh meat or fish, would be great. Also, and I know this is a totally random question (don't ask...), but are fresh, decent avocados easy to come by this time of year? I also really want to get some decent produce as our poolside meals at the resort will be carb-heavy and last time we were there, we just craved some fresh fruit and veggies. Thanks!

      1. re: peppermint pate

        It would be a side trip ... it's closer to the airport than PI/downtown Nassau (I really should pay more attention myself to the cost of things, but sadly I often don't ... I don't recall it being outre-outrageous though - that is, any more than everything in the Bahamas is expensive). Can't answer your avocado question, maybe someone who's down there can ...

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          Hi Peppermint - have been travelling so have only just seen this. I have a funny feeling you were just here for March break, so this may not be of any help. Sorry!

          For those checking in - just west of the airport is Solomon's Fresh Market - very much like a North American grocer but also with lots of organic and gluten free options. If it was just this past week that you were here, you would have noticed very low stock at Super Value at the beginning of the week! Sun. through Wed. is BADDD while waiting for the shelves to be restocked. At Fresh Market, they seem to receive stock much more frequently - and lots of fresh fish and seafood!!!

          As for Goodfellows - it is not at all on the way - it is at the far west end of the island - would be rather expensive to cab it there and then back to PI.

          As for Avocados and Mangos - July to October they are plentiful! Not so now - now they are coming from elsewhere - Dominican mostly. :-(

          1. re: Food on the brain

            Hi Food on the brain - indeed, we have been and gone from the Bahamas but thanks anyway for your post!

            I ended up going to both Super Value's - the one in Cable Beach on the way in from the airport and the one just over the PI bridge for a midweek top-up (which, interestingly, was on a Wednesday and the shelves were definitely in need of restocking). The one by Cable Beach was great - got everything we needed - hummus, yoghurts, cheeses, basic staples, etc. The produce selection was decent, including some very tasty avocadoes. The mangoes were stringy and not so great but what can you do?

            We didn't make it to Balduccino's this time - I was really curious to check it out, especially as it's so close to Atlantis.

            So for our next trip, would you suggest Solomon's over them all as a one-stop shopping destination?

            1. re: peppermint pate

              Fresh market is really wonderful - very much like North American grocers with a lot of fabulous fresh seafood and healthy products. I would definitely consider doing a major shop there at the beginning of the trip, with trips in to Super Value for top up, and Balducinnos to see whether there is anything else interesting! Of course, if you do Fresh Market, you may want to bring some cooler bags for any fresh seafood or meat that you buy, as the drive out to PI can be long, depending on the time of day!

              Sorry I missed your post this time, but check back in before you come next time and I can let you know whether there is anything new.


              1. re: Food on the brain

                Hello again Food on the brain - you asked that I check back in with you before we come again, so here I am!! We are heading back to Atlantis AGAIN with our kids in a couple of weeks and would love to see if you (or others) have any updated recs.

                I made a mental note of Solomon's from last year so I think that will be our main grocery stop en route from the airport. Should I go to the original location or is Harbour Bay preferable?

                We tend to eat most of our breakfasts and half our dinners in our room. You recommended Green Parrot last year, which we quite enjoyed - just an easy, casual, good meal on the water. We may go back there again.

                We'd like to try the water taxi one day (I know it stops at 6) - is there anywhere within a 10-15 minute walk of the Nassau side that you'd recommend for dinner or perhaps lunch? I know you often suggest Cafe Matisse - is that in the vicinity? How is Olives? Seafront sushi? Our kids are very good eaters so no worries on that front.

                Also thought it might be nice to go for breakfast or lunch at Dune one day, either all of us or just hubby and I as our kids are excited to try the kids club. We were there for dinner about 10 years ago and enjoyed ourselves. Is it still good? Can we walk down the beach to get there?

                Look forward - as always - to your wonderful input. Thanks.

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  Hi Peppermint Pate,

                  Glad you wrote in with time to spare before you came down! :-) There are definitely changes.

                  Solomon's Fresh Market is by far your best choice now, and there is a new store in Harbour Bay now, so no need to tote a cooler bag. That location is probably better for you now as compared with the Old Fort location, because you would not need tote across the island. Both stores are about an equal detour from your natural route from the airport to Atlantis.

                  Of course, if you want milk and good fresh produce, remember that Monday & Tuesday are not great days! ;-) Topping up at Super Valu on PI on Wed. may be okay now, though. We seem to have shifted the stocking day by one day! :-) Of course, this is an improvement - used to be Sun. through Wed. used to be poor stock days.

                  Of course, if you would like fresh seafood (fish, conch, lobster, and I think it is still crab season), then check under the bridge at Potter's Cay for conch and crab, and the Montague dock for fish and lobster. It is beyond Harbour Bay, and an easy cab ride. Fish is not inexpensive, but nice and fresh!

                  Green Parrot is still a great choice for lunch or dinner. They also have a location downtown (small, with no outdoor eating are) and a harbour location on the "mainland" - near Luciano's. However, the original on PI is still my favourite.

                  If you are taking the water taxi in, lunch or dinner at Matisse would still be my first choice. The setting is amazing, and you would never know you are in the middle of downtown and the courts when you are in the courtyard. If you take the water taxi in, you can always cab it back after dinner.

                  Another good option for lunch (11 to 5) is Athena Cafe. If you like Greek food, they really are fantastic. They are at Bay St. & Charlotte St.

                  I love Seafront as well, but they are not downtown. They are further east. If you were to walk over the PI bridge, you would turn left and go 2 blocks.

                  In order of preference, I would choose Matisse (who does pizzas that kids love!), Athena, then Seafront.

                  If it were months ago, I would have suggested BLU, but alas, they are now closed.

                  As for Olives, they are nothing special. The others are far and away located in better settings, with better food. Olives is good, but not even in comparison with the others.

                  In terms of Dune - I would do an adult only lunch or breakfast one day. The kids likely would not appreciate it. While I have never experienced it, I hear the sunrises are beautiful! However, for the price, I would rather have an extravagant lunch. I do believe that is still the best "deal." Check this link for menus.


                  You can walk down the beach to get there, but you can also take a shuttle from your tower (Cove, Royal, Coral, Beach) directly to One & Only as well. Given that you have talked about having meals in your room, I am guessing you are not in Coral or Beach towers, and that you may even be over at Cove or the Reef. The walk along the beach from there will be.....energizing. ;-) However, on vaca, that might be nice!

                  Following up on your previous posts, unless there is something specific you would like from Balducinno's, I would not even consider stopping there anymore. Fresh Market has such a fabulous selection, they should everything you want. Their selection of Organic produce is amazing, as is their selection of gluten free products.

                  Hope all that helps! Have a blast down here!

                  1. re: Food on the brain

                    Thanks food on the brain!!!!!!!!! What a great resource you are.

                    We're actually staying at Harborside, so the walk to Dune is closer, though if we're dropping our kids at the club that time, we'll be up by the Royal/Cove. Maybe we can shuttle there and walk off some of the decadence on the way back.

                    Thanks for the rec on Athena - kids LOVE all things feta, calamari, tzatziki, etc. And Seafront sounds like an easy walk from Harborside, if it's just a couple of blocks from the other side of the PI bridge. That might be fun as well. Between the 3 restaurants you recommend, I have a good selection of food and locations so we can play it by ear. Oh, I just noticed that you didn't recommend Athena for dinner - you prefer it for lunch?

                    Really looking forward to checking out Solomon's - and we'll be there on a Saturday so shelves should hopefully be well stocked!

                    Thanks again. Really appreciate your help.

                    1. re: peppermint pate

                      Hi Peppermint,

                      Sorry I am just coming back to this post, and so you have likely already been and gone! Sorry about that.

                      As you likely now know, you can shuttle to Dune, and while Athena is fab, they do not open for dinner (unless you do an early dinner before or 4:30!) Typically, they close when the customers are gone back to the ships.

                      I forgot to tell you to have the octopus and the hummus at Athena! The octopus is so tender and divine, and the hummus is so nice and garlicky! MMmmm - everyone at the table HAS to have it!

                      Hope you had a fabulous trip and found what you wanted and needed at Solomon's Fresh Market!

                    2. re: Food on the brain

                      Such great info in this post! First time coming to Atlantis for a wedding and would like to know how to eat and drink less expensively than what i read on all of the reviews about atlantis. We are staying in the Coral Towers. Children in mid 20's and adults. We will all be on our own for meals.... Not in large groups. Is there a liquor store close to resort or on way from airport? Should i had taxi stop at Fresh Market or walk from Atlantis? Thx for help!

                      1. re: Deagan52

                        Hi Deagan,

                        There is a Bristol Wines & Spirits in the plaza along the main road up to Coral Towers, and liquor is pretty inexpensive there. That said, from the airport, there is a Bristol's along the way where you can have the cab park and wait for you. It is on Blake Road and cabs often stop there along the way.

                        For less expensive meals, Green Parrot is a great choice, and within walking distance. If you are wanting to stop at a grocery store, you will need a cab. Fresh Market is not on the way, and likely not worth the cost of the cab if you are not planning to cook a lot of meal. Super Valu on Cable Beach would be your best choice for snacks and basics to keep in your room.

                        Of course, I must go back to my usual recommendation of Cafe Matisse for lunch or dinner - in the courtyard. :-) The rest of the suggestions above are still valid otherwise.

                        Have a great trip, and let me know if there is anything more you need to know.

                        1. re: Food on the brain

                          Hello food on the brain! You seem very helpful, so hopefully you can help me out! We are traveling to PI soon with two small children (4&5) and it has been years since i have last been. I do not want to go anywhere out of the way from massau airport to atlantis, but need a grocery pitstop! My kids are faithful eaters of eggo waffles. Will i have any luck finding them there? Silly, i know, but i have extremely picky kids. We will be flying in on a tuesday, if that matters, as i seen that some supermarkets arent fully stocked on certain days. Thanks in advance!

                          1. re: Food on the brain

                            Hello! We are heading that way on Sunday. Is Super Value at Cable Beach still a good place for provisions? Will will be at Sandyport for one night before heading down to Staniel Cay. Where is a good spot for beer/wine?
                            Thank you!!!

                            1. re: cslbw

                              We always just get our groceries and liquor delivered by I know they deliver to Sandyport and also to the airport.

          2. Help, I will be there this sunday, arriving after 3:00. I will be staying on Cable Beach. I will be at Blue Water. Use to go to City market, which I understand is now SuperValue. do you know if SuperValue will be open past 3:00 on Sunday. Do you know anything about Food2go or do you have others.
            Also I liked your recommendations for dinner/lunch. Are their any places to eat out with a view by cable beach?
            Appreciate your suggestions!!!

            1. We always use FoodStore2Go for our groceries when we visit Bahamas. You place your order on their site before you come and they deliver it when you arrive - they have everything. It costs a little bit more but i don't have to stop anywhere and i have everythign i need for the whole trip (including my red wine!). I love having fresh fruit and veg in the room and we save on lunches and breakfasts so we can eat out nicely at night.