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Feb 27, 2012 09:22 AM

Restaurants around Yonge and Front (St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts)

We have a concert on Thursday night. We typically go to Biff's but were wondering if there are any other suggestions for that area for good to great food. One person has suggested Swish by Han and another person mentioned le Pappillon? Anyone have any newish feedback on those two places or any other good suggestions!

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  1. George Restaurant often gets overlooked for the theatre crowd, but it really is just a straight walk down Church to the SLCA ...

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    1. re: CocoTO

      I agree George is a good choice

      A few other choices that are super close and vary greatly in price:

      Terroni (I'm not a huge fan but people like it)
      O&B cafe next to Biff's
      Colborne Lane

    2. Wine Bar is close by, it doesn't get the buzz any more but we still use it as a pre-theatre spot and have no complaints.

      1. The food at Swish is great but you'll need reservations for sure these days -- and service can be slow, so perhaps better for after a show than before when you're on the clock.